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Today is Saturday, November 5

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Todays Bonehead Award:
BLM Pennsylvania mother kills 17-month-old son and texts
video of boy's body to his father with laughing emoji
Details at Boneheads
Today, November 5, in 
1605 The "Gunpowder Plot" attempted by Guy Fawkes failed when
he was captured before he could blow up the English
Parliament. Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated every November 5th
in Britain to celebrate his attempt to blow up all the
members of Parliament and King James I. 

1963 Archaeologists found the remains of a Viking settlement
at L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland. 

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______________________________________________________ The test of courage comes when we are in the minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority. --- Ralph W. Sockman ______________________________________________________ If you like the Humor Letter, please vote! ______________________________________________________ A reporter from Chicago was visiting an old colleague, who now edited a newspaper in a tiny Vermont town. "I don't see how you do it," the reporter said. "How can you drum up interest in the news when everybody in town knows what everybody else is doing?" "Sure they know," the editor said, "but they read the paper to see who got caught at it." ______________________________________________________ Thanks to Kati for this one: The new army recruit was given guard duty at 2 a.m. He did his best for a while, but at about 4 a.m. he went to sleep. He awakened to find the officer of the day standing before him. Remembering the heavy penalty for being asleep on guard duty, this smart young man kept his head bowed for another moment and looked upward and reverently said, "A-a-a-men!" ______________________________________________________ Yesterday's peacock picture was from Noella From FB ______________________________________________________
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______________________________________________________ Reported by the Fred An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Christian Clark 21, McKeesport Pennsylvania Pennsylvania mother kills 17-month-old son and texts video of boy's body to his father with laughing emoji A Pennsylvania woman killed her 17-month-old son and texted a video of the boy's body to his father along with a "laughing" emoji, cops say. Christian Clark was arguing with the boy's dad Tuesday when she sent him texts including, "Ya kids ain't safe here I don't want them here" and "I'm killing them" followed by the emoji. Clark, 21, sent a video of a girl and then a boy face down on a bed, according to the Post-Gazette. "Ahh, look, Angel is still alive and sweating your son on the other hand is not even breathing," the mother said in the video, according to an affidavit obtained by the newspaper. "I wish I could keep the camera still." "Send it to the cops post it to fb idc anymore you ruined my life," her boyfriend Andrew Price Jr. replied, according to the Post-Gazette. The little boy was found unresponsive in the McKeesport home and died later that night, the newspaper reported. The little girl seen in the video is alive. Clark admitted smothering the little boy, and she was taken into custody on charges including criminal homicide. Authorities recovered many disturbing messages from her boyfriend's cellphone. "I don't want these kids here," one of her texts read, according to the newspaper. "Ya kids aint safe here i don't want them here ... Answer me or im going to jail for child endangerment." Later she wrote, "I really snapped this time." "Try to wake him up I said hold him," Price said, according to the paper. "Its okay im dialing 911," she responded. "You need to if he dead," Mr. Price wrote. Ms. Clark was being held in the Allegheny County Jail on Wednesday night without the possibility of posting bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Nov. 16. BLM Black Lies & Murder ______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From Fiona Re: Animated Gif's not animated Dear Webby, Whenever I save an animated picture from the net and then look at it with my paint program it just sits there and does not move. What am I doing wrong? Fiona Dear Fiona Your paint program shows you ONE picture of the many that make up the animation. Just use your browser to show it. If your animation is for example on the C: drive in the PIX directory, and is called anim123.gif, then type into the browser address bar: C:\pix\anim123.gif and it will instantly show in full motion. Have FUN! DearWebby A Newfie came out West and some friends took him along for curling. As luck would have it, he won an Ice auger for ice fishing. A lot of beer later, when they got kicked out of the curling club, the Newfie wants to go ice fishing right then and there. It's about as foggy outside as it is in his head, after all those beers, but his keen eyes spot some ice not far away. Proudly carrying his nice, shiny, red auger, he stumbles in that direction and decides that he'll give it a go. He carefully takes the safety cover off the point. You may think thasch easchy, but if you hol yourschelf upright with the schilly Ische auger, every time you pull the plaschtik thingamagig off the bottom point, you fffall down! Musch easier if you doing while lying down. Finally he starts drilling. Suddenly, a loud voice booms out at him, "There's no fish in here." The Newfie looks all around him in the fog, but can't see anyone. He decides to ignore the voice and carries on drilling. Again, the voice booms out, "I've told you, there's no fish in here!" He looks up again but there's still no sign of anyone so he returns to his task. "Stop it!" shouts the now very angry sounding voice, "You'd better pack up your stuff and get out of here or there'll be trouble." "Who are you" shouts the drunk guy, "you don't scare me!" There was a big, thundering roar and the the loud voice again: "I'm the manager of this hockey rink, and I'm starting up the Zamboni!"
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Daily tip from Removing Pet Urine Stains from Hardwood Floors By Margaret P. [1 Comment] I too have tried so many tricks including vinegar water mixture to remove the dog urine stains and odor from the hardwood floor of our 30 year old home. Finally it was my husband who bought me a Hoover FloorMate Cleaner 64oz from the nearby shop here in Canada. It really worked well. You too may try once.
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On their anniversary night, the husband sat his wife sat down in the den with her favourite magazine, turned on the soft reading lamp, slipped off her shoes, patted and propped her feet and announced that he was preparing dinner all by himself. "How romantic!" she thought. Two-and-a-half hours later, she was still waiting for dinner to be served. She tiptoed to the kitchen and found it a colossal mess. Her harried husband, removing something indescribable from the smoking oven, saw her in the doorway. "Almost ready!" he vowed. "Sorry it took me so long -- I had to refill the pepper shaker." "Why, honey, how long could that have taken you?" "More'n an hour, I reckon. Wasn't easy stuffin' it through those dumb little holes."
bison fight at Yellowstone campgrounds
____________________________________________________ An elderly lady, who lived on the third floor of a boardinghouse, broke her leg. As the doctor put a cast on her leg, he warned her not to climb any stairs. Several months later, the doctor took off the cast. "Can I climb stairs now?" asked the little old lady. "Yes, sure" he replied. "Thank goodness!" she said. "I'm sick and tired of shinnying up and down that drainpipe with that stupid cast on my good leg!" ____________________________________________________ Pat and Mike were once very good friends. One day when they were still on speaking terms, Pat went over to Mike's house to visit, but when he got there, Mike was out. Mike's wife was holding the ferociously fighting baby who had different plans, and trying to put up curtains at the same time. "Pat," she said, "I'm glad you came. Would you mind holding the baby while I finish the curtains?" A few minutes later, Pat came in and said to Mike, "How ya doin, Mike?" Said Mike, "I'm holding my own". That's when the battle started. ____________________________________________________
Bird parents taking care of their bird babies.
Today on November 5
1605 The "Gunpowder Plot" attempted by Guy Fawkes failed when
he was captured before he could blow up the English
Parliament. Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated every November 5th
in Britain to celebrate his attempt to blow up all the
members of Parliament and King James I. 

1844 In California, a grizzly bear underwent a successful
cataract operation at the Zoological Garden. 

1872 In the U.S., Susan B. Anthony was fined $100 for
attempting to vote in the presidential election. She never
paid the fine. 

1895 George B. Selden received the first U.S. patent for an
automobile. He sold the rights for $200,000 four years later.

1911 Italy officially annexed Tripoli. 

1935 The game "Monopoly" was introduced by Parker Brothers

1940 U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt won an unprecedented
third term in office. 

1944 Lord Moyne, a British official, was assassinated by the
Zionist Stern gang in Cairo, Egypt. 

1946 John F. Kennedy was elected to the U.S. House of
Representatives at the age of 29. 

1955 The Vienna State Opera House in Austria formally

1956 British and French forces began landing in Egypt during
the Suez Canal Crisis. A cease-fire was declared 2 days

1959 The American Football League was formed. 

1963 Archaeologists found the remains of a Viking settlement
at L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland. 

1967 In Moscow, the Ostankino Tower opened. It was the
world's tallest free-standing structure for nine years. 

1986 The White House reaffirmed the U.S. ban on the sale of
weapons to Iran. 

1987 In South Africa, Goban Mbeki was released after serving
24 years in the Robben Island prison. He had been sentenced
to life for treason against the white minority government of
South Africa. 

1998 Scientists published a genetic study that showed strong
evidence that Thomas Jefferson fathered at least one child
(Eston Hemings) of his slave, Sally Hemings. (for more

1990 Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Kach movement, was
shot to death after a speech at a New York Hotel. His
assassin, Egyptian El Sayyid, was later convicted of the
murder and was sentenced to life in prison for his part in
the World Trade Center bombing. 

1992 Malice Green, a black motorist, was beaten to death in
Detroit during a struggle with police. Two officers were
later convicted in his death and sentenced to prison. 

1994 Former U.S. President Reagan announced that he had
Alzheimer's disease. 

1994 George Foreman, 45, became boxing's oldest heavyweight
champion when he knocked out Michael Moorer in the 10th round
of their WBA fight in Las Vegas, NV. 

1998 The U.N. announced that the Taliban militia had killed
up to 5,000 civilians in a takeover of an Afghani town. 

1999 A 12-day conference on global warming, attended by
delegates from 170 nations, ended in Bonn, Germany. 

1999 Dennis Rodman (NBA) and Carmen Electra were both
arrested and charged with battery and domestic violence in a
hotel in Miami Beach, FL. 

1999 U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ruled that
Microsoft Corp. enjoyed "monopoly power". 

2001 It was announced that European aircraft manufacturer
Airbus and Dubai-based Emirates airlines set up a joint
venture specializing in airline services. 

2009 At Fort Hood, near Kileen, TX, Nidal Malik Hasan killed
13 people and wounded 30 others. He was sentenced to death in
2013, but has not been executed yet.

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