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Todays Bonehead Award:
Texas hijacker of occupied ambulance arrested
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Today, January 1 in 
1622 The Papal Chancery adopted January 1st as the beginning
of the New Year (instead of March 25th). 
See More of what happened on this day in history.
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______________________________________________________ I like a woman with a head on her shoulders. I hate necks. --- Steve Martin (1945 - ) ______________________________________________________ If you like the Humor Letter, please vote! ______________________________________________________ After a long and arduous divorce trial that dragged on for weeks and cost him everything except the clothes he wore, on the way out of the court George was reminded of a phrase in an old song: "being free is nothing left to lose". He realized the truth in that and started laughing and shouting as he skipped down the sidewalk. "I'm free, I'm free!" he shouted. "So what," said a little girl. "I'm almoft four." ______________________________________________________ Peter and Gladys were looking at a new living room suite in the furniture store. Peter says to the salesman, "We really like it, but I don't think we can afford it." The salesman says, "You just make a small down payment... then you don't make another payment for six months." Gladys turned on him with her hands on her hips and demanded, "Who told you about us!?" ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________
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______________________________________________________ An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Rashard Williams, 28, Austin, Texas Texas hijacker of occupied ambulance arrested Police have charged the man who allegedly hijacked an Austin-Travis County EMS ambulance on Christmas Day. Court documents allege Rashard Williams, 28, took the ambulance while it was parked near the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH) on Dec. 25. The affidavit for Williams states Williams was arrested on an unrelated charge on Dec. 27, and that his description and clothing matched that of the person seen on HALO cameras taking the ambulance. The ambulance’s crew was tending to a patient when Williams allegedly got behind the wheel and drove it to South Austin before fleeing on foot. "Completely unexpected a very rare event, and a surprise to everyone," Austin-Travis County EMS Captain Rick Rutledge told KVUE on Monday. Rutledge said the paramedics strapped in the patient during the ride. "They put on shoulder straps, they got him buckled in, that's actually the safest place in the ambulance is being secured to the stretcher," he said. Rutledge added the driver even used sirens while driving, and that EMS is not sure the driver was aware of the medics and patients in the back of the ambulance. "The back of the ambulance you can see is completely isolated so there was never a conversation or any ability to question or speak to them so we really don't know what their motives were," said Rutledge. ______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Terry Re: Detail view in File Explorer Dear Webby, I am sure you will agree that Windows has caused more frustration and anger than even dope. Each incarnation is more evil than the previous one and most definitely indicate that they are on bath salts. Just look at the way the file explorer always reverts to a DIFFERENT mode each time you start it, but NEVER to the Detail mode, and you have to mess around and waste time to get it into Detail mode. Do you know of a way to defeat their evil insanity and get around that? Terry Dear Terry You are probably right about bath salts. By default the file explorer now goes to Libraries. Well, I don't know anybody who uses libraries. And they are in a stupid place to start out with. Also, by default, it does not show TOOLS on top anymore. BAD DOPE! I make desktop shortcuts to go to the folders, that I use and go to dozens of times per day. That cuts out all the dopey rigamarole, Then, to fix the default to DETAIL, I shuffle it to there, then, if TOOLS is not visible, go at it via VIEW. Climb through that whole tree and correct everything, that looks stupid, like hiding file extensions. BAD DOPE!!! Once you have corrected everything, go into the Folder Options and hit APPLY TO FOLDERS. It will whine a bit, but it will let you do it. After that, close the explorer and open a new one. It SHOULD open in the same location as the last used one, and you should have DETAILS mode, just as if they had not screwed it up. You still have to make desktop shortcuts to the most used locations. I make one for each drive, and one for each location, that I frequently go to. You can drag those onto the TaskBar in the order of use frequency. It is easy enough to make nice, colorful icons for each of them. Have FUN! DearWebby
Kathy's wedding turned out to be a real family reuinion. Even her weird cousin Sean from San Francisco showed up. There were too many people to fit into the little church, and since was snowing and raining and blowing quite ferociously, a last minute decision was made to hold the ceremony in the undergound parkade across the street. A priest was ready in his ornate surplice and cassock ready to proceed the march into the parkade and begin the ceremony. He was carrying a briefcase with his book and paraphenalia and he was swinging the incense pot which had smoke coming from it. Sean was seen sidling up to the priest and saying: "Darling, I love your dress, but did you know that your purse is on fire!"
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Daily tip from Old Dry Goods If you buy rice or pasta in large economy size quantities, then you probably know that when you get to the bottom of the bags or boxes, you can't mix that stuff with freshly bought stuff, because it takes more water and more time. If you mix it, some will be crispy and some will be mushy. Fresh rice and pasta is not nearly as dry, so that it weighs more in the store. Don't throw the old goods out. Save them in empty coffee cans for the next backpacking trip. You'll get almost twice the COOKED rice for the same amount of backpacked weight. Just use more water and cook it a bit longer.
New Year's Sydney, Australia
____________________________________________________ A minister gave a talk to the Lions Club on sex. When he got home, he couldn't tell his wife that he had spoken on sex, so he said he had discussed horseback riding with the members. A few days later, she ran into some men at the shopping center and they complimented her on the speech her husband had made. She said, "Yes, I heard. I was surprised about the subject matter, as he's only tried it twice. The first time he got so sore he could hardly walk, and the second time he fell off." ____________________________________________________
The best illusions of 2016.
>From Nancy: My 12-year-old daughter asked me, "Mom, do you have a baby picture of yourself? I need it for a school project." I gave her one without thinking to ask what the project was. A few days later I was in her classroom for a parent- teacher meeting when Inoticed my face pinned to a mural the students had created. The title of their project was: "The oldest thing in my house."
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Today on January 1
0404 The last gladiator competition was held in Rome. 

1622 The Papal Chancery adopted January 1st as the beginning
of the New Year (instead of March 25th). 

1772 The first traveler's checks were issued in London. 

1785 London's oldest daily paper "The Daily Universal
Register" (later renamed "The Times" in 1788) was first

1797 Albany became the capital of New York state, replacing
New York City. 

1801 The Act of Union of England and Ireland came into

1801 Italian astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi became the first
person to discover an asteroid. He named it Ceres. 

1804 Haiti gained its independence. 

1808 The U.S. prohibited import of slaves from Africa. 

1863 U.S. President Lincoln signed the Emancipation
Proclamation, which declared that all slaves in the rebel
states were free. 

1887 Queen Victoria was proclaimed empress of India in

1892 Ellis Island Immigrant Station formally opened in New

1892 Brooklyn and New York merged to form the single city of
New York. 

1894 The Manchester Ship Canal was officially opened to

1895 In Battle Creek, MI, C.W. Post created his first usable
batch of Monks Brew (later called Postum). It was a cereal-
based substitute for caffeinated drinks. 

1898 Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten
Island were consolidated into New York City. 

1900 Hawaii asked for a delegate to the Republican national

1900 Nigeria became a British protectorate with Frederick
Lagard as the high commissioner. 

1901 The Commonwealth of Australia was founded. Lord
Hopetoun officially assumed the duties as the first

1902 The first Tournament of Roses (later the Rose Bowl)
collegiate football game was played in Pasadena, CA. 

1909 The first payments of old-age pensions were made in
Britain. People over 70 received five shillings a week. 

1913 The post office began parcel post deliveries. 

1924 Frank B. Cooney received a patent for ink paste. 

1926 The Rose Bowl was carried coast to coast on network
radio for the first time. 

1934 Alcatraz Island officially became a Federal Prison. 

1934 The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) began

1936 The "New York Herald Tribune" began microfilming its
current issues. 

1937 The First Cotton Bowl football game was played in
Dallas, TX. Texas Christian University (T.C.U.) beat
Marquette, 16-6. 

1939 The Hewlett-Packard partnership was formed by Bill
Hewlett and Dave Packard. 

1942 U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime
Minister Winston Churchill issued a declaration called the
"United Nations." It was signed by 26 countries that vowed
to create an international postwar World War II peacekeeping

1945 France was admitted to the United Nations. 

1956 Sudan gained its independence. 

1958 The European Economic Community (EEC) started

1959 Fidel Castro overthrew the government of Fulgencio
Batista, and seized power in Cuba. 

1968 Evel Knievel, stunt performing daredevil, lost control
of his motorcycle midway through a jump of 141 feet over the
ornamental fountains in front of Caesar’s Palace in Las

1971 Tobacco ads representing $20 million dollars in
advertising were banned from TV and radio broadcast. 

1973 Britain, Ireland, Denmark and Norway joined the EEC. 

1975 The magazine "Popular Electronics" announced the
invention of a personal computer called Altair. MITS, using
an Intel microprocessor, developed the computer. 

1979 The United States and China held celebrations in
Washington, DC, and Beijing to mark the establishment of
diplomatic relations between the two countries. 

1981 Greece joined the European Community. 

1984 AT&T was broken up into 22 Bell System companies under
terms of an antitrust agreement with the U.S. Federal

1986 Spain and Portugal joined the European Community (EC). 

1987 A pro-democracy rally took place in Beijing's Tiananmen
Square (China). 

1990 David Dinkins was sworn in as New York City's first
black mayor. 

1992 The ESPN Radio Network was officially launched. 

1992 In Kuala, Lumpur, the groundbreaking ceremony for the
Petronas Towers took place. 

1993 Czechoslovakia split into two separate states, the
Czech Republic and Slovakia. The peaceful division had been
engineered in 1992. 

1994 Bill Gates, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft and
Melinda French were married. 

1994 The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) went
into effect. 

1995 Frederick West, an alleged killer of 12 women and
girls, was found hanged in his jail cell in Winston Green
prison, in Birmingham. West had been under almost continuous
watch since his arrest in 1994, but security had reportedly
been relaxed in the months preceding the apparent suicide. 

1995 The World Trade Organization came into existence. The
group of 125 nations monitors global trade. 

1998 A new anti-smoking law went into effect in California.
The law prohibiting people from lighting up in bars. 

1999 The euro became currency for 11 Member States of the
European Union. Coins and notes were not available until
January 1, 2002.

1999 In California, a law went into effect that defined
"invasion of privacy as trespassing with the intent to
capture audio or video images of a celebrity or crime victim
engaging in a personal of family activity." 

2001 The "Texas 7," rented space in an RV park in Woodland
Park, CO. 

2007 Binney & Smith Company became Crayola LLC under its
parent company Hallmark.

2016  smiled.

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