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Todays Bonehead Award:
Drunk Florida teacher let boy, 14, 
drive her to Waffle House.
Details at  Boneheads
Today, April 8 in
1525 Albert von Brandenburg, the leader of the Teutonic
Order, assumes the title "Duke of Prussia" and passed the
first laws of the Protestant church, making Prussia a
Protestant state. 
See More of what happened on this
day in history.
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______________________________________________________ An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Terra Virgin, 32, Tampa, Floriduh Drunk Florida teacher let boy, 14, drive her to Waffle House. A Tampa teacher is facing serious charges after police said she was drunk and had an unlicensed teen boy driving her around. Terra Virgin was arrested on Sunday and charged with child abuse and neglect. Police said Virgin, 32, was intoxicated and had an open can of beer while in the passenger seat of a Toyota SUV that was stopped on suspicion of DUI at Kennedy Boulevard and Westland Avenue. Officers said the 14-year-old son of Virgin's boyfriend was driving the SUV. The teen does not have a driver's license. Police said Virgin told them she had five beers, was too drunk to drive and was getting the teen to drive her to a Waffle House. Virgin is a math teacher at Freedom High School. She has been a teacher in Hillsborough County since 2013. The boy was transported and released into his father's custody. Virgin bonded out of jail Monday afternoon. ______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Ollie Re: Hot hard drive Dear Webby I opened up my computer to vacuum out the dust bunnies like you had suggested last spring, well better late than never, and I noticed that the hard drive was giving off a lot of heat. It was very hot to the touch. Is that a sign that it will die soon? Ollie Dear Ollie That is quite normal. Today's fast hard drives do run quite warm. If you can touch it and keep your fingers on it for five seconds, it's at normal operating temperature. You could not keep your fingers that long in water that is 60 degrees C (140 F) without yelling. The temperature is probably between 45 C and 55 C. The oil in the bearings is good for 200 degrees C (400 F). I would not worry about that drive. Keep in mind though, sooner or later every hard drive crashes, and then you will really appreciate it if you have a reasonably recent back-up. Have FUN! DearWebby
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Today, on April 8
1513 Explorer Juan Ponce de Leon claimed Florida for Spain. 

1525 Albert von Brandenburg, the leader of the Teutonic
Order, assumes the title "Duke of Prussia" and passed the
first laws of the Protestant church, making Prussia a
Protestant state. 

1832 About 300 American troops of the 6th Infantry left
Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, to confront the Sauk Indians
in the Black Hawk War. 

1873 Alfred Paraf patented the first successful

1913 The Seventeenth amendment was ratified, requiring
direct election of senators. 

1935 The Works Progress Administration was approved by the
U.S. Congress. 

1939 Italy invaded Albania. 

1942 The Soviets opened a rail link to the besieged city of

1946 The League of Nations assembled in Geneva for the last

1952 U.S. President Truman seized steel mills to prevent a
nationwide strike. 

1962 Bay of Pigs invaders got thirty years imprisonment in

1985 India filed suit against Union Carbide for the Bhopal

1985 Phyllis Diller underwent a surgical procedure for
permanent eyeliner to eliminate the need for eyelid makeup. 

1990 In Nepal, King Birendra lifted the 30-year ban on
political parties. 

1994 Smoking was banned in the Pentagon and all U.S.
military bases. 

2002 Ed McMahon filed a $20 million lawsuit against his
insurance company, two insurance adjusters, and several
environmental cleanup contractors. The suit alleged breach
of contract, negligence and intentional infliction of
emotional distress concerning a toxic mold that had spread
through McMahon's Beverly Hills home. 

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