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Good Morning, ,
Today is Wednesday, April 26

Thank You, Norma!!

We had snow almost every day for a week now. 4 inches today.
Calgary had 8 inches, Bragg Creek had 10. So much for
Gullible Warming!

Apparently collecting Carbon Tax to sabotage the economy and
to hire more burocrats does reduce the Gullible Warming. It
makes no sense to me, but since I am not a grant recipient,
they don't ask me anyway.

Well, we are in the cooling cycle again. 
The warming cycle started when Carl Sagans anti-muscle car
frenzy got going full steam. He blamed our muscle cars and
CO2 for the coming ice age. As soon as all the gullible
fools believed him, the cooling stopped and the warming

The warming cycle ended shortly after Al Gore's Gullible
Warming movie made him a few dozen Million bucks and
somebody bought him and Obama a Nobel prize.

I wonder who will champion the next "Ice Age Is Coming"

Send in your nominations!

Have FUN!

Todays Bonehead Award:
Michigan barbarians destroy store and run over manager
Details at  Boneheads
Today, April 26 in
1514 Copernicus made his first observations of Saturn. 
See More of what happened on this
day in history.
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______________________________________________________ Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so. --- Douglas Adams (1952 - 2001) Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy. --- Ernest Benn It is not necessary to understand things in order to argue about them. --- Pierre Beaumarchais AOL's "support" is built on that concept. ______________________________________________________ If you like the Humor Letter, please vote! ______________________________________________________ The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Christian elementary school for lunch . At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. A teacher had made a note, and posted on the apple tray. It said, "Take only one, God is watching." Moving further along the lunch line at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies. A child had written a note by the cookies that said, "Take all you want, God is watching the apples!" _____________________________________________________ Malwarebytes for Home | Anti-Malware Premium | Free Trial Download ______________________________________________________ The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans. On the other hand, the French eat a lot of fat and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans. The Japanese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans. The Italians drink excessive amounts of red wine and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans. Conclusion: Eat and drink what you like. It's speaking English that kills you. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________
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______________________________________________________ Reported by the Bausell Sailor An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Barbarians in Kentwood, Michigan Not caught yet Michigan barbarians destroy store and run over manager At approximately 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, three women pulled up to a drive-through window at a Michigan convenience store. Before it was over, the store was trashed and the store manager was in the hospital — suffering from a broken pelvis, fractured leg, and bleeding on her brain. And it was all caught on surveillance video. As reported by Fox 17, the whole thing started when one or more of the unidentified women began arguing with the manager, identified only as “Kristina,” about prices. An employee of T&J Party Store, “Jose,” told the station: “They were arguing about the price or something like that, like the price was changing or something. So the owner gave them the bottle to check everything and she just got tired of dealing with it so she closed the window.” It was then game-on. In the video, the women can be seen walking into the store and confronting the manager at the check-out counter. They then storm out — tearing down shelves along the way. Jose told Fox 17 the manager started chasing them. "One of the two girls who came in after said 'well we'll give her something to get mad about,' and they started pulling down the shelves of the snacks. [...] They pulled the shelves and that's when Kristina started chasing them because they started running." The parking lot surveillance video revealed what happened next. After the manager chased the women to their SUV, she was knocked to the ground by the vehicle and run over. Jose suggested Kristina is fortunate to be alive. “I found her on the ground, she was laying there. If it would've been a few inches further they would've run over her stomach, so it was lucky that it wasn't and it was just the legs otherwise it would've been worse.” Fox 17 reported late Friday night that no arrests have been made in the case, nor have the suspects been identified. The 27 year old driver has been arrested, the teens 17 and 16 were let go. ______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Ella Re: Clean CDs Dear Webby Dear are the only one I can ask to help with advice on ...if it is possible to remove glue from a CD ? I got a CD with a Net Guide Magazine and it is always stuck on a page with rubberised solution...that's not a problem....but they then gum the protective cellophane envelope shut. I managed to get the CD out of there and then....stupid me !....after browsing it...I laid the CD back down on top of the envelope on my desk and Voila ! unusable CD. What can I use there a safe solution that would make my CD playable again ? I appreciate your sensible daily often things I needed to know ! I hope I don't have to go out and buy another magazine to get the has some good programmes on it ! Kind regards! Ella Dear Ella Soap and hot water don't hurt CDs. I would spray some citrus based organic cleaner onto it, let it soak for a few minutes, and then scrub it under hot water with a clean microfiber cloth. Dish soap should work too, but don't use dishwasher soap! Dishwasher soap has abrasives in it. Have FUN! DearWebby
Three old ornery grandmas were sitting on a bench outside a nursing home. About then an old man walked by, and one of the old grandmas says, "We bet we can tell how old you are." The old man said, "There ain't no way you can guess it." One of the ornery grandmas said, "Sure we can! Just drop your undershorts and we can tell your exact age." He did. The grandmas stared at him for a while and then they all piped up and said, "You're 84 years old!" The old man was stunned. "Amazing! How did you guess that?" The ornery old grandmas, laughed. Slapping their knees and grinning from ear to ear, all three happily yelled in unison, "You told us yesterday!"
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Daily tip from Baked Apple Egg Roll Recipes We made these delicious apple egg rolls for dessert tonight! They were so easy to make and the vanilla whipped cream was perfect for dipping. :) Ingredients: Filling: 2 apples (I used 1 Granny Smith and 1 Gala) 2 Tbsp. lemon juice 1/3 cup sugar 4 Tbsp. flour 2 tsp. ground cinnamon 1/4 tsp. allspice 1/8 tsp. salt 16 egg roll wrappers 1 egg lightly beaten Vanilla Whipped Cream: 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream 1/4 cup sugar 2 tsp. vanilla cinnamon Directions: Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Peel, core, and chop up the apples. Add to a medium bowl. Add remaining filling ingredients to bowl and stir until well combined. Allow mixture to sit for about 10 minutes. Put egg into small bowl and beat slightly. Place a layer of parchment paper on a cookie sheet and lightly spray with cooking spray. Lay out one egg roll wrapper and carefully spoon about 2 Tbsp. of the filling onto the wrapper, near one of the points. Fold the point over the filling and then fold the two sides in towards the center. Brush the wrapper with some egg wash and carefully (but tightly) roll up the egg roll. Lay seam side down on prepared cookie sheet. Repeat until all of the filling is gone. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown and crisp. During the last 5 minutes of cooking, remove from oven and brush with melted butter and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Return them to the oven for the remaining 5 minutes. Serve immediately with vanilla whipped cream. Vanilla Whipped Cream: Place cream into a mixing bowl and using a hand mixer, beat on medium-high speed. Once cream has begun to thicken, add sugar and vanilla. Combine well, and continue to whip mixture until stiff peaks form. Lightly sprinkle with cinnamon. Servings:approx. 16 Prep Time:20 Minutes Cooking Time:20-25 Minutes By Laurel and Aiden from Port Orchard, WA
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____________________________________________________ Thanks to the tow-handle, the mileage is phenomenal! ___________________________________________________
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From Jane: We had been on the road for 15 hours en route from New York to California and were looking for a place to spend the night. At four different motels, however, we were told, "Sorry, no vacancies." Heading back to the car, my seven-year-old son asked solemnly, "Mom, are we vacancies?"
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Today, on April 26
1478 Pazzi conspirators attacked Lorenzo and killed Giuliano

1514 Copernicus made his first observations of Saturn. 

1607 The British established an American colony at Cape
Henry, Virginia. It was the first permanent English
establishment in the Western Hemisphere. 

1865 Joseph E. Johnston surrendered the Army of Tennessee to
Sherman during the American Civil War. 

1865 John Wilkes Booth was killed by the U.S. Federal

1921 Weather forecasts were heard for the first time on
radio in St. Louis, MO. 

1929 First non-stop flight from England to India was

1937 German planes attacked Guernica, Spain, during the
Spanish Civil War for the Spanish nationalist government.
This raid is considered one of the first to be attacks on a
civilian population by a modern air force. 

1945 Marshal Henri Philippe Petain, the head of France's
Vichy government during World War II, was arrested. 

1964 The African nations of Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged
to form Tanzania. 

1968 Students seized the administration building at Ohio
State University. 

1982 The British announced that Argentina had surrendered on
South Georgia. 

1985 In Argentina, a fire at a mental hospital killed 79
people and injured 247. 

1986 The world’s worst nuclear disaster to date occurred at
Chernobyl, in Ukraine. Thirty-one people died in the
incident and thousands more were exposed to radioactive

1998 Auxiliary Bishop Juan Gerardi Conedera was bludgeoned
to death two days after a report he'd compiled on atrocities
during Guatemala's 36-year civil war was made public. 

2000 Charles Wang and Sanjay Kumar purchased the NHL's New
York Islanders. 

2002 In Erfurt, Germany, an expelled student killed 17
people at his former school. The student then killed

2017  smiled.

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