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Today is Wednesday, May 31

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Todays Bonehead Award:
Home invader arrested after elerly man knocks
her down and holds her until cops arrive,
after she had bloodied his wife with a club
Today, May 31 in
1977 The trans-Alaska oil pipeline was finished after 
3 years of construction. It still works just fine.
See More of what happened on this
day in history.
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______________________________________________________ An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Rehnu Singh, 50, San Jose, California Home Invader Arrested After Elerly Man Knocks Her Down And Holds Her Until Cops Arrive After She Had Bloodied His Wife With A Club An Elderly Man Who Said He Pleaded To No Avail For Help From Bystanders Managed To Beat Back His Wife’S Alleged Assailant Sunday Night, Holding Down The Suspect In Front Of His Home Until Santa Clara County Sheriff’S Deputies Arrived And Arrested Her. Yousef Youkhaneh, 82, Told This News Organization That After Wrestling With The Home Invader And Being Dragged Onto Mckee Road In Front Of His Home, He Looked Up Only To See People Slow Down Their Cars Not To Help, But To Take Photos Of The Struggle, Then Drive On. No One Stopped To Give Him Aid, He Said. "I Said, "Call Police, Somebody Help Me! I Am Tired," Youkhaneh Recalled From His Backyard Monday Afternoon, Where The Incident Began. "Nobody Did Anything." After 10 Minutes, He Said, Santa Clara County Sheriff’S Deputies Arrived To Arrest Rehnu Singh, A 50-Year-Old San Jose Woman Already On Probation For Burglary. She Was Booked Into Santa Clara County Jail For Investigation Of Elder Abuse, Assault With A Deadly Weapon, Attempted Burglary And Probation Violation, Said Sheriff’S Sgt. Richard Glennon. Glennon Said Sheriff’S Deputies Had Been Called Around 5:50 P.M. In Response To An Apparent Assault Of A Woman By A Man In The Street, But Soon Discovered Otherwise. Youkhaneh Said He Was Inside His Home Going Over Paperwork When He Heard His Wife Screaming For Help Outside The Door To The Couple’S Backyard. He Rushed Out To See His 76-Year-Old Wife Christina Youkhaneh With A Bloodied Head After Singh Had Allegedly Hit Her With A Heavy Branch. The Gash Required Eight Stitches. Drops Of His Wife’S Blood Were Still Visible On The Back Door And Pavement Monday As He Recalled Her Laying On The Ground, Exhorting Him Not To Let Singh Get Away. "She Had Tools In Her Hand And She Tried To Hit Me," Said The Retired Auto Body Shop Owner, Showing Bite Marks Left On His Hand From The Attack. "But I Didn’T Let Her Go." As They Headed Out Along His Driveway That Leads Straight Into Traffic, Youkhaneh Managed To Grab Singh’S Ankle. By The Time They Got To The Sidewalk Bordering The Traffic, "I Fell Down And She Fell Down," He Said, Lifting His Left Pant Leg To Show His Skinned Knee. "But I Didn’T Let Her Go. I Held Onto Her With All My Power." Singh Screamed To Witnesses: "I Didn’T Do It; The Man Did It!" Youkhaneh Said. He Looked Up And Saw People — Across The Street, On The Sidewalk, And Many Slowing Down Their Cars To Take Photos With Their Phones, And He Called For Help. "Why Didt They Help?" He Asked Monday. "What Kind Of People Is This Taking Pictures? Maybe Someday It Happens To Them." ______________________________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Yahoos Re: Switch to regular font size Dear Webby How Do I Switch From Large To Regular Font? Similar Messages From Various Yahoos. Dear Yahoos You Got The Regular Version. Possibly You Turned The Mouse Scroll Wheel While Holding The Ctrl Or Sgrg Key, Or Since This Affected Only Yahoos, Possibly It Was Something Yahoo Did. Just Use The Ctrl Key And The Scroll Wheel To Zoom The Font To A Comfortable Size. By The Way, Any Yahoos Or Hotmail Victims, If You Experience Irregtularities With The Newsletter Delivery, Just Switch To A More Respectable Address, Like For Example A Gmail Address. You Don't Have To Give Up The Old A Ddress, Just Get The Gmail Address On The Side. Have FUN! DearWebby
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____________________________________________________ A Husband Read An Article To His Wife About How Many Words Women Use A Day... 30,000 To A Man's 15,000. The Wife Replied, "The Reason Has To Be Because We Have To Repeat Everything To Men. The Husband Then Turned To His Wife And Asked, "What?" ___________________________________________________
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A Kleptomaniac Woman Had Been Caught Shoplifting In A Supermarket And Had To Appear In Court, Taking Along Her Long-Suffering Husband For Marital Support. The Prosecution Proved That The Theft Had Taken Place So The Judge Told Her That, Considering Her Record, He Was Forced To Impose A Jail Term. "This Time You Stole A Can Of Tomatoes. Let Us Suppose That There Were Six Tomatoes In The Can. Do You Agree?" The Woman Agreed. "Then I Sentence You To Six Nights In Jail." The Husband Jumped To His Feet, Addressing The Judge, "Your Honor, May I Approach The Bench?" "Well," Said His Honor, This Is Somewhat Unusual But I Will Make An Exception In This Case. You May Approach The Bench." The Husband Wasted No Time Getting There And, Leaning Forward, He Whispered, "She Also Stole A Can Of Peas."
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Today, on May 31
1433 Sigismund Was Crowned Emperor Of Rome. 

1859 In London, Big Ben Went Into Operation. 

1870 E.J. Desemdt Patented Asphalt. 

1884 Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Patented "Flaked Cereal." 

1889 In Johnstown, Pa, More Than 2,200 People Died After The
South Fork Dam Collapsed. 

1900 U.S. Troops Arrived In Peking To Help Put Down The Boxer

1902 The Boer War Ended Between The Boers Of South Africa And
Great Britain With The Treaty Of Vereeniging. 

1907 The First Taxis Arrived In New York City. They Were The
First In The United States. 

1909 The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored
People (Naacp) Held Its First Conference. 

1910 The Union Of South Africa Was Founded. 

1913 The 17th Amendment Went Into Effect. It Provided For
Popular Election Of U.S. Senators. 

1915 A German Zeppelin Made An Air Raid On London. 

1927 Ford Motor Company Produced The Last "Tin Lizzie" In Order
To Begin Production Of The Model A. 

1929 In Beverly, Ma, The First U.S. Born Reindeer Were Born. 

1943 "Archie" Was Aired On The Mutual Broadcasting System For
The First Time. 

1947 Communists Seized Control Of Hungary. 

1955 The U.S. Supreme Court Ordered That All States Must End
Racial Segregation "With All Deliberate Speed." 

1961 South Africa Became An Independent Republic. 

1962 Adolf Eichmann Was Hanged In Israel. Eichmann Was A Gestapo
Official And Was Executed For His Actions In The Nazi Holocaust.

1970 An Earthquake In Peru Killed Tens Of Thousands Of People. 

1974 Israel And Syria Signed An Agreement On The Golan Heights. 

1977 The Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline Was Finished After 3 Years Of
Construction. It Still Works Just Fine.

1979 Zimbabwe Proclaimed Its Independence. 

1994 The U.S. Announced It Was No Longer Aiming Long-Range
Nuclear Missiles At Targets In The Former Soviet Union. 

2003 In North Carolina, Eric Robert Rudolph Was Captured. He Had
Been On The Fbi's 10 Most Wanted List For Five Years For Several
Bombings Including The 1996 Olympic Bombing.

2017  smiled.

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