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Good Morning, ,
Today is Friday, July 28
Time to wear a bit of red to show your support for the troops!

Happy independence Day to Cesar, Gretchen 
and all other friends in Peru!

Have Fun!

Todays Bonehead Award:
Woman arrested for drunken, topless road-rage assault
Today, July 28 in
1866 The metric system was legalized by the U.S. Congress for
the standardization of weights and measures throughout the
United States. 
The United States is still the only industrialized country in
the world that does not use the metric system as its predominant
system of measurement, 
except for electricians and scientists. After 150 years the
metric system is creeping in, though. Wine and pop is sold in
metric units, many grocery items have both metric and Imperial
British units printed on them, and while vehicles are still
advertised as so many feet long, below the paint everything is
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day in history.
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______________________________________________________ Thanks to Moe for reporting this one: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Susan Kettell, 39, Sandwich, Massawhosits Woman arrested for drunken, topless road-rage assault A woman in Massachusetts is facing several felony charges after allegedly waving a dagger at another driver while topless in an apparent drunken road-rage attack. Susan Kettell, 39, of Sandwich, was driving a blue Ford Explorer on Saturday when police received a call from another driver who claimed the woman tried to crash into the victimís car. Kettell then pulled behind the victimís vehicle at a red light and began waving a double-edged dagger, the Sandwich Police Department announced Monday. Kettell then allegedly got out of the Explorer and ripped off her shirt before running bare-chested toward the victimís car while flailing the knife. The caller who contacted police, meanwhile, drove off, police said. Kettell, who police say was intoxicated at the time, was later found and placed under arrest. A male passenger inside her car was also intoxicated and was placed in protective custody, police said. Kettel was charged with operating under the influence, operating on a revoked driverís license, assault with a dangerous weapon and other charges, police said. No injuries were reported. Sorry, that mugshot is the only picture of Susan Kettell on the web. _________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Chris Re: "You have won" Dear Webby, I have gotten an e-mail from these people that I had won a prize. I have listed with 'Woman's Day' magazine for things to win. There was nothing in the e-mail about it being from Woman's Day magizine. I'm not sure if I should respond or not. Your information has always been the best so far on the web, can/could you help me with this one. It's isn't that much, but would help out the daughter if it's really true. Thanks again for the jokes/funnies/web help. Hope all is well with you and yours. Chris Dear Chris You may already be a winner, ... yeah sure. Trash it. They all want your address to send spam to you. Some of them even want money to supposedly get your winnings to you. Just trash their scam spam. If you really did win something, they would tell you outright, and not pester you with all kinds of confusion and hype. Have FUN! DearWebby
A newly married sailor was informed by the navy that he was going to be stationed a long way from home on a remote island in the Pacific for a year. A few weeks after he got there he began to miss his new wife, so he wrote her a letter. "My love," he wrote " we are going to be apart for a very long time. Already I'm starting to miss you and there's really not much to do here in the evenings. Besides that we're constantly surrounded by young attractive native girls. Do you think if I had a hobby of some kind I would not be so tempted? " So his wife sent him back a harmonica saying, "why don't you learn to play this?" Eventually his tour of duty came to an end and he rushed back to his wife. "Darling" he said, "I can't wait to get you into bed so that we make passionate love!" "First let's see you play that harmonica!"
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drinking helium infused beer
____________________________________________________ A tourist was admiring the necklace worn by a local Indian. "What is it made of?" she asked. "Alligator's teeth," the Indian replied. "I suppose," she said patronizingly, "that they mean as much to you as pearls do to us." "Oh no," he objected. "Any idiot can open an oyster." ___________________________________________________
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___________________________________________________ A Newfie decides to travel across Canada to see the Pacific Ocean.When he gets to Nanaimo, he likes the place so much that he decides to stay. But first he must find a job. He walks into the MacMillan-Bloedel office and fills out an application as an "Experienced logger." It's his lucky day. They just happen to be looking for someone. But first, the bush foreman takes him for a ride in the bush in the company pickup truck to see how much he knows. The foreman stops the truck on the side of the road and points at a tree. "See that tree over there? I want you to tell me what species it is and how many board feet of lumber it contains." The Newfie promptly answers, "It's a Sitka Spruce and contains 383 board feet of lumber." The foreman is impressed. He puts the truck in motion and stops again about a mile down the road. He points at another tree through the passenger door window. He asks the same question. This time, it's a bigger tree of a different class. "It's a Douglas Fir, it has 690 board feet." says the Newfie. Now the foreman is really impressed. The Newfie has answered quickly and got the answers right without even using a calculator! One more test. They drive a little farther down the road, and the foreman stops again. This time, he points across the road through his driver side window. "And what about that one?" Before the foreman finishes pointing, the Newfie says, "A Yellow cedar,242 board feet." The foreman spins the truck around and heads back to the office. He's a little annoyrf because he thinks that the Newfie is smarter than he is. As they near the office, the foreman stops the truck, and asks the Newfie to step outside. He hands him a piece of chalk and tells him, "See that tree over there. I want you to mark an X on the front of that tree." The foreman thinks to himself, "Idiot! How does he know which is the front of the tree? " When the Newfie reaches the tree, he goes around it in a circle while looking at the ground. He then reaches up and places a white X on the trunk. He comes back to the foreman and hands him the chalk. "That is the front of the tree," the Newfie states. The foreman laughs to himself and asks sarcastically, "How in the heck do you know that's the front of the tree?" The Newfie looks down at his feet, while moving the toe of his left boot clockwise in the gravel, replies, "Cuz someone used the back side for an outhouse." He got the job!!
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Today, on July 28, in
1821 Peru declared its independence from Spain. 

1866 The metric system was legalized by the U.S. Congress for
the standardization of weights and measures throughout the
United States. 

1868 The Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was
declared in effect. The amendment guaranteed due process of law.

1896 The city of Miami, FL, was incorporated. 

1932 Federal troops forcibly dispersed the "Bonus Army" of World
War I veterans who had gathered in Washington, DC. They were
demanding money they were not scheduled to receive until 1945. 

1941 Plans for the Pentagon were approved by the U.S. House of

1942 L.A. Thatcher received a patent for a coin-operated
mailbox. The device stamped envelopes when money was inserted. 

1945 A U.S. Army bomber crashed into the 79th floor of New York
City's Empire State Building. 14 people were killed and 26 were

1951 The Walt Disney film "Alice in Wonderland" was released. 

1965 U.S. President Johnson announced he was increasing the
number of American troops in South Vietnam from 75,000 to

1982 San Francisco, CA, became the first city in the U.S. to ban

1998 Bell Atlantic and GTE announced $52 billion deal that
created the second-largest phone company. 

1998 Serbian military forces seized the Kosovo town of Malisevo.

1998 Monica Lewinsky received blanket immunity from prosecution
to testify before a grand jury about her relationship with U.S.
President Clinton. 

2006 Researchers announced that two ancient reptiles had been
found off Australia. The Umoonasaurus and Opallionectes were the
first of their kind to be found in the period soon after the
Jurassic era.

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