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Today is Thursday, August 24

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From here in Canada what is going on in the US looks
ridiculously insane. Robert E Lee was never a slave owner, and
the feds wanted him as a general, but he decided to defend the
Virginia hillbillies against the feds and their unilateral

There was nothing racial about it, just the Southern
Hillbillies standing up against the feds.

If these L-.... swallowed a bunch of mosquitos to get their
combined IQ to a positive number, then they would make Robert E
Lee their hero and patron saint. After all, they want to stand
up against the feds. 

Aside from Soros and Hillary, WHO is their hero?
Who else pays them?

Have Fun!

Todays Bonehead Award:
Parents arrested, children in state custody 
after raid of Florida grow house
Today, Aug 24 in
1814 Washington, DC, was invaded by Canadians who set fire to
the White House and Capitol. The White House got its name when
it was whitewashed after the fire. Canadians still brag about
that. The US retaliated by burning down York. York was rebuilt
as Toronto.
See More of what happened on this 
day in history.
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______________________________________________________ Reported by the Bausell Sailor An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Rolando Naranjo, 41, Betsy Espinoza,33, Hialeah, Floriduh Parents arrested, children in state custody after raid of Florida grow house A suspected marijuana grow house in Hialeah has two parents in custody and children found inside in the hands of the Department of Children and Families. The Miami Herald reports a Palm Springs Middle School teacher noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the 11-year-old boys backpack. He notified a Miami-Dade Schools police officer. A police report says the boy told officers there are marijuana plants in his house and his dad uses his backpack to transport the drug. He also said people go to his house to buy marijuana. The raid happened Monday at an apartment complex on West 25th Court and West 60th Street. 41-year-old Rolando Naranjo and 32- year-old Betsy Espinoza were arrested and are facing multiple counts, including marijuana possession, possession of manufacturing equipment and child neglect. Police say they had received a call after a teacher for the couple's 11-year-old child said his clothes smelled like marijuana. Once they entered the home, they found the parents, the 11-year-old and a four-year-old child were living in one room while the other bedroom in the apartment was being used to grow the drug. A police report said there was very little food in the house as well as mold growing and dirty clothes throughout the home - along with no way to prevent the kids from entering the room with the drugs. Officials confiscated 10 marijuana plants, weighing a total of 31 pounds, along with high wattage lamps, scales, pipes and other items used for distribution and sale. The apartment is located less than 1000 feet from Ben Shepherd Elementary School. _________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Rhonda Re: Printing multiple copies with ClickBook Dear Webby, You wrote about printing brochures with ClickBook a while back. Do you have to print one brochure and then drop the printed paper down into feed bin after each brochure, or can you print a whole bunch at a time? Thanks Rhonda Dear Rhonda You can print one side of a whole bunch of brochures, and then drop the whole stack of them down into the feed tray. If you set it for more copies than you have paper in the tray, it will give you a paper error and continue peacefully after you refill the tray. I wish the folding and stapling was that easy! Have FUN! DearWebby

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Today, August 24, in 
0079 Mount Vesuvius erupted killing approximately 20,000
people. The cities of Pompeii, Stabiae and Herculaneum were
buried in volcanic ash. 

0410 The Visigoths overran Rome. This event symbolized the fall
of the Western Roman Empire. 

1456 The printing of the Gutenberg Bible was completed. 

1572 The Catholics began their slaughter of the French
Protestants in Paris. The killings claimed about 70,000 people.

1814 Washington, DC, was invaded by Canadians who set fire to
the White House and Capitol. The White House got its name when
it was whitewashed after the fire. Canadians still brag about
that. The US retaliated by burning down York. York was rebuilt
as Toronto.

1869 A patent for the waffle iron was received by Cornelius

1891 Thomas Edison applied patents for the kinetoscope and
kinetograph (U.S. Pats. 493,426 and 589,168). 

1912 A four-pound limit was set for parcels sent through the
U.S. Post Office mail system. Sending kids by mail remained

1932 Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the
U.S. non-stop. The trip from Los Angeles, CA to Newark, NJ,
took about 19 hours. 

1949 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) went into
effect. The agreement was that an attack against on one of the
parties would be considered "an attack against them all." 

1954 The Communist Party was virtually outlawed in the U.S.
when the Communist Control Act went into effect. 

1959 Three days after Hawaiian statehood, Hiram L. Fong was
sworn in as the first Chinese-American U.S. senator while
Daniel K. Inouye was sworn in as the first Japanese-American
U.S. representative. 

1963 John Pennel pole-vaulted 17 feet and 3/4 inches becoming
the first to break the 17-foot barrier. 

1968 France became the 5th thermonuclear power when they
exploded a hydrogen bomb in the South Pacific. 

1985 27 anti-apartheid leaders were arrested in South Africa as
racial violence rocked the country. 

1986 Frontier Airlines shut down. Thousands of people were left

1989 "Total war" was declared by Columbian drug lords on their

1989 The U.S. space probe, Voyager 2, sent back photographs of

1990 Iraqi troops surrounded foreign missions in Kuwait. 

1991 Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as the head
of the Communist Party. 

1992 China and South Korea established diplomatic relations. 

1995 Microsoft's "Windows 95" went on sale. 

1998 U.S. officials cited a soil sample as part of the evidence
that a Sudan plant was producing precursors to the VX nerve
gas. And, therefore made it a target for U.S. missiles on
August 20, 1998. 

1998 A donation of 24 beads was made, from three parties, to
the Indian Museum of North America at the Crazy Horse Memorial.
The beads are said to be those that were used in 1626 to buy
Manhattan from the Indians. 

2001 In McAllen, TX, Bridgestone/Firestone agreed to settle out
of court and pay a reported $7.5 million to a family in a
rollover accident in their Ford Explorer. 

2001 The remains of nine American servicemen killed in the
Korean War were returned to the U.S. The bodies were found
about 60 miles north of Pyongyang. It was estimated that it
would be a year before the identies of the soldiers would be

2001 U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly was randomly
picked to take over the Microsoft monopoly case. The judge was
to decide how Microsoft should be punished for illegally trying
to squelch its competitors. 

2001 NASA announced that operation of the Upper Atmosphere
Research Satellite would end by September 30th due to budget
restrictions. Though the satellite is best known for monitoring
a hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica, it was designed to
provide information about the upper atmosphere by measuring its
winds, temperatures, chemistry and energy received from the

2006 The planet Pluto was reclassified as a "dwarf planet" by
the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Pluto's status was
changed due to the IAU's new rules for an object qualifying as
a planet. Pluto met two of the three rules because it orbits
the sun and is large enough to assume a nearly round shape.
However, since Pluto has an oblong orbit and overlaps the orbit
of Neptune it disqualified Pluto as a planet. 

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