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Todays Bonehead Award:

Foster dad accused of more than 900 rapes 
and violent acts against 13 - 17 yr old girls 

Today, January 11 in
1770 The first shipment of rhubarb was sent to the United
States from London.

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______________________________________________________ Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength. --- Eric Hoffer (1902 - 1983) "Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use." --- Wendell Johnson ______________________________________________________ If you like the Humor Letter, please vote! ______________________________________________________ A teacher asked one of the boys in her class, "Can people predict the future with cards?" His response was, "My mother can." The teacher replied, "Really?" The young boy was quick to explain, "Yes, she takes one look at my report card and tells me what will happen when my father gets home." ____________________________________________________ A man wrote a letter to a small hotel in a Midwest town he planned to visit on his vacation. He wrote:"I would very much like to bring my dog with me. He is well-groomed and very well behaved. Would you be willing to permit me to keep him in my room with me at night?" An immediate reply came from the hotel owner, who said, "I've been operating this hotel for many years. In all that time, I've never had a dog steal towels, bedclothes, silverware or pictures off the walls. I've never had to evict a dog in the middle of the night for being drunk and disorderly. And I've never had a dog run out on a hotel bill. Yes, indeed, your dog is welcome at my hotel. And, if your dog will vouch for you, you're welcome to stay here, too." _____________________________________________________ Malwarebytes for Home | Anti-Malware Premium | Free Trial Download ______________________________________________________ Cape Canaveral Lighthouse, 150 years ____________________________________
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_____________________________________________________ A very refined young man comes to a small food shop and sees fruit. "Give me two kilograms of oranges and wrap every orange up in a separate piece of paper, please," he says to the saleswoman. She does it. "And three kilograms of cherries, please, and wrap up every berry in a separate piece of paper, too." She does. "And what is it there," he asks pointing out at something dark in the corner. "Raisins," says the saleswoman, "but they're not for sale." _____________________________________________________ An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Viktor Lishavsky,34, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia Foster dad accused of more than 900 rapes and violent acts against 13 - 17 yr old girls Reports in Russia say if convicted Viktor Lishavsky could be the ‘world’s worst paedophile’ after allegedly treating five schoolgirls as his ‘personal harem’. According to Ren TV, 34-year-old Lishavsky is alleged to have ‘had sex with one or another foster daughter every other day, or every third day’ at an apartment he rented with money earnt as a foster parent. Lishavsky, viewed as a model father by officials in the Khabarovsk region of east Russia, allegedly abused the girls over the course of five years. Police were alerted after one of the foster girls complained to a teacher and he was arrested in June last year in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. But he has only now been identified as more details of his alleged crimes have been released. Lishavsky is accused of 248 rapes and 358 ‘violent sexual acts’ against girls aged 13 or under, and also faces charges of more than 270 sex attacks involving girls aged between 12 and 17. The Sun reported he has also been accused of another 22 ‘violent acts of a sexual nature’ against girls below 14-years- old. He also allegedly committed a further 11 rapes or sexual attacks in which he threatened murder or serious harm to health. In total, he faces 919 charges, with all but a handful involving sex abuse. Social services in Khabarovsk have also been accused of negligence in putting vulnerable children, including orphans, under his supervision. He is said to have had three children of his own with his common law wife Olga, and fostered up to nine children with her. No charges have been brought against her. Education chief Alla Kuznetsova said thefamily passed repeated social service inspections and there were ‘no alarms at all’. The five girls he allegedly abused have been sent back to the orphanage. _________________________________ Tech Support Pits From: Allan Re: Location for computer Dear Webby, Dear Webby, What is a better location for my computer, in a snug cubbyhole on my desk, or on the floor below the desk? Allan Dear Allan On the floor, without any doubt whatsoever. You have to be able to get at the cable sockets on the back. That alone rules out a snug cubbyhole. However, the most important reason is cooling. There is nothing that kills a computer faster than inadequate cooling. It needs unresticted air flow that it can draw through the computer ONCE. Not re-use the heated air for that. Just put it on the floor and once or twice a year vacuum out the dust bunnies and clean the heat sinks. It helps if yopu can set it onto some bricks or 2 x 4. The dust bunnies and all their kids cruise on the floor. A few inches above the floor will miss all that traffic. Have FUN! DearWebby

Automatically move ALL your settings and programs. No need to re-install them. The only mover recommended by Intel and Microsoft. A new convert to Catholicism decided to go to confession to deal with his transgression. In the confessional, he told the priest that he had sinned. "What was your sin, my son?" asked the priest. "I stole some lumber, Father," replied the man. "How much lumber did you steal?" asked the priest. "Father, I built my German Shepherd dog a nice new doghouse." The priest replied, "Well, that's not so bad." The man continued, "Father, I also built myself a 4-car garage." "Well, now, that's a little more serious." "Father, there's more. In addition to the doghouse, the 4-car garage, I also built a 5 bedroom, 4 bath house!" With a pause, the priest finally spoke. "That is a little more serious. I'm afraid you'll have to make a novena." "Father, I'm not sure what a novena is, but if you've got the blueprints, I've got the lumber!"
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From Goldie: The preacher came over the other day. He said that, at my age, I should be thinking of the hereafter. I told him that I do it all the time. No matter where I am, in the parlor, upstairs, in the kitchen, or down in the basement, I ask myself, "Now, what am I here after?" ____________________________________________________ Daily tip from Insulating Windows By CPJ [60 Posts, 123 Comments] We live in an older rental home and almost all the windows are singled paned so before the Arctic weather arrived I went to Home Depot and bought 4 x 8 panels of insulation at $8.95 a sheet. It is it's in the building/contractor section, and is silver on one side and 1/2 an inch white foam on the other. None of the windows match. Some are little frames 10 inches by 7.5 inches, others are a little larger and a few that are large. I trimmed and cut pieces to be placed directly on the glass. Silver side touching the glass, white side facing inside the room. From the outside of the house it looks like all the windows are covered with aluminum foil. I figured out a way to be able to attach and remove the larger pieces of insulation with Velcro strips to hold it in place. Part of the Velcro on the window frame and part on the insulation, so I would have light. Every day at 4 PM I put the insulation back in the windows. We kept the house at 74 and during the night it would drop down to 63-64 in the den. For about the same price you can get greenhouse panels. They are similar to the plastic election signs, but 1/4 to 1" thick, and they are clear. Not as clear as glass, but you can recognize people outside. After twenty years they get a bit less clear, but the sun still shines through and you see and recognize people on the outside. Dad got over 25 years so far out of a greenhouse with just those panels and aluminum framework. No glass. He never removes them, just lets the rain and snow clean them. And he grows cacti in there. In your case, it would be like adding double pane windows with a high efficiency air gap. The benefit of the suns heat and light are worth much more than the difference in price! Just do one window at a time! Bubble Wrap is an ultra-cheap alternative. Attach it with double-sided tape. You get the free heat and light from the sun, which is worth a lot! Have FUN! DearWebby ____________________________________________________ A wealthy man is having an affair with an Italian woman and has continued the affair for a few years. One night, over dinner at the mistress's favorite Italian restaurant, she confides in him that she's pregnant. Not wanting to ruin his reputation or his marriage, he offers to pay her a large sum of money if she would go to Italy to have the child. And if she stayed in Italy, he would also provide child support until the child turned 18. She agrees, but asks how he would know when the baby was born. To keep everything discreet, he tells her to mail him a post card, and write "Spaghetti" on the back. Upon receiving the postcard, he would then arrange for child support. About 9 months later, the man comes home to his extremely confused wife. "Honey," she replies, "you received a very strange post card today." "Oh, just give it to me and I'll explain it later," he says. The wife obeys, and watches as her husband reads the card, turns white, and faints. On the card was written, "Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti. Two with meatballs, one without."
IPhotos of historic events that some people never knew existed.
Thanks to Cookie for this story: Dear Diary...... DAY ONE I am all packed and ready to get on the cruise ship. I've packed all my pretty dresses and make-up. I'm really excited. ___________________________________________________ DEAR DIARY. DAY TWO We spent the entire day at sea. It was beautiful and we saw some whales and dolphins. What a wonderful vacation this has started to be. I met the Captain today and he seems like a very nice man. __________________________________________________ DEAR DIARY. DAY THREE I spent some time in the pool today. I also did some shuffle boarding and hit some golf balls off the deck. The Captain invited me to join him at his table for dinner. I felt honored and we had a wonderful time. He is a very attractive and attentive gentleman. ___________________________________________________ DEAR DIARY. DAY FOUR Went to the ship's casino. Did OK ... Won about $80. The Captain invited me to have dinner with him in his state room. We had a luxurious meal complete with caviar and champagne. He asked me to stay the night but I declined. I told him there was no way I could be unfaithful to my husband. ___________________________________________________ DEAR DIARY .. DAY FIVE Went back to the pool today and got a little sunburned. I decided to go to the piano bar and spend the rest of the day inside. The Captain saw me and bought me a couple of drinks. He really is a charming gentleman He again asked me to visit him for the night and again I declined. He told me that if I didn't let him have his way with me he would sink the ship. I was appalled. ___________________________________________________ DEAR DIARY . DAY SIX I saved 1600 lives today...... Twice. ----------------- That reminds me... ___________________________________________________
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Today, January 11, in
1569 England's first state lottery was held. 

1770 The first shipment of rhubarb was sent to the United
States from London. 

1867 Benito Juarez returned to the Mexican presidency,
following the withdrawal of French troops and the execution of
Emperor Maximilian. 

1878 In New York, milk was delivered in glass bottles for the
first time by Alexander Campbell. 

1902 "Popular Mechanics" magazine was published for the first

1913 The first sedan-type car was unveiled at the National
Automobile Show in New York City. The car was manufactured by
the Hudson Motor Company. 

1922 At Toronto General Hospital, Leonard Thompson became the
first person to be successfully treated with insulin. 

1935 Amelia Earhart Putnam became the first woman to fly solo
from Hawaii to California. 

1942 Japan declared war against the Netherlands. The same day,
Japanese forces invaded the Dutch East Indies. 

1943 The United States and Britain signed treaties
relinquishing extraterritorial rights in China. 

1964 U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry released a report that
said that smoking cigarettes was a definite health hazard. 

1973 The Open University awarded its first degrees. 

1973 Owners of American League baseball teams voted to adopt
the designated-hitter rule on a trial basis. 

1977 France released Abu Daoud, a Palestinian suspected of
involvement in the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972
Munich Olympics. 

1978 Two Soviet cosmonauts aboard the Soyuz 27 capsule linked
up with the Salyut 6 orbiting space station, where the Soyuz 26
capsule was already docked. 

1980 Nigel Short, age 14, from Bolton in Britain, became the
youngest International Master in the history of chess. 

1988 U.S. Vice President George Bush met with representatives
of independent counsel Lawrence E. Walsh to answer questions
about the Iran-Contra affair. 

1991 An auction of silver and paintings that had been acquired
by the late Ferdinand Marcos and his wife, Imelda, brought in a
total of $20.29 million at Christie's in New York. 

1996 Ryutaro Hashimoto become Japan's prime minister. He
replaced Tomiichi Murayama who had resigned on January 5, 1996.

2001 The Texas Board of Criminal Justice released a review of
the escape of the "Texas 7." It stated that prison staff missed
critical opportunities to prevent the escape by ignoring a fire
alarm, not reporting unsupervised inmates and not demanding
proper identification from inmates. 

2001 The U.S. Federal Trade Commission approved the merger of
America Online and Time Warner to form AOL Time Warner.

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