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Good Morning, ,
Today is Friday, April 6
Time to wear a bit of red to show your support for the troops!

I noticed that Broom Hilda's Hog is now whining against New York
cops, because they defended themselves and New York against a
suicider. Since he is the darling of the left-wing media, they
praise him for that. In my opinion, he lost what little bit of
credibility he had.

Have FUN!

Todays Bonehead Award:
Utah gun-slinger robs gas station 
and tries carjacking
Today, April 6 in
1909 Americans Robert Peary and Matthew Henson claimed 
to be the first men to reach the North Pole. 
See More of what happened on this day in history.
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Today, April 6 in
1199 English King Richard I was killed by an arrow at the siege of
the castle of Chaluz in France. 

1607 An expedition led by Captain Christopher Newport arrived at
the Spanish colony of Puerto Rico for supplies before continuing on
their journey. On May 14, they went ashore and founded Jamestown,
Virginia, as the first permanent English colony in America. 

1652 Jan van Riebeeck established a settlement at Cape Town, South

1814 Granted sovereignty in the island of Elba and a pension from
the French government, Napoleon Bonaparte abdicates at
Fountainebleau. He was allowed to keep the title of emperor. 

1830 Joseph Smith and five others organized the Mormon Church in
western New York. 

1830 Relations between the Texans and Mexico reached a new low when
Mexico would not allow further emigration into Texas by settlers
from the U.S. 

1862 The American Civil War Battle of Shiloh began in Tennessee. 

1865 At the Battle of Sayler's Creek, a third of Lee's army was cut
off by Union troops pursuing him to Appomattox. 

1875 Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for the multiple
telegraph, which sent two signals at the same time. 

1896 The first modern Olympic Games began in Athens, Greece. 

1903 French Army Nationalists were revealed for forging documents
to guarantee a conviction for Alfred Dryfus. 

1909 Americans Robert Peary and Matthew Henson claimed to be the
first men to reach the North Pole. 

1916 Charlie Chaplin became the highest-paid film star in the world
when he signed a contract with Mutual Film Corporation for $675,000
a year. He was 26 years old. 

1917 The U.S. Congress approved a declaration of war on Germany and
entered World War I on the Allied side. 

1924 Four planes left Seattle on the first successful flight around
the world. 

1938 The United States recognized the German conquest of Austria. 

1941 German forces invaded Greece and Yugoslavia. 

1953 Iranian Premier Mossadegh demanded that the shah's power be

1965 U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson authorized the use of ground
troops in combat operations in Vietnam. 

1967 In South Vietnam, 1,500 Viet Cong attacked Quangtri and freed
200 prisoners. 

1981 A Yugoslav Communist Party official confirmed reports of
intense ethnic riots in Kosovo. 

1983 The U.S. Veteran's Administration announced it would give free
medical care for conditions traceable to radiation exposure to more
than 220,000 veterans who participated in nuclear tests from 1945
to 1962. 

1985 William J. Schroeder became the first artificial heart
recipient to be discharged from the hospital. 

1987 Sugar Ray Leonard took the middleweight title from Marvin

1988 Mathew Henson was awarded honors in Arlington National
Cemetery. Henson had reached the North Pole with Robert Peary. 

1998 Citicorp and Travelers Group announced that they would be
merging. The new creation was the largest financial-services
conglomerate in the world. The name would become Citigroup. 

1998 Federal researchers in the U.S. announced that daily tamoxifen
pills could cut breast cancer risk among high-risk women. 

1998 Pakistan successfully tested medium-range missiles capable of
attacking neighboring India. 

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