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Todays Bonehead Award:
Indiana shooter says he has ‘no remorse’ 
for killing deputy
Today, April 10 in
1849 Walter Hunt patented the safety pin. 
He sold the rights for $100. 
See More of what happened on this day in history.
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_____________________________________________________ A young man visiting a dude ranch wanted to be "Macho", and went out walking with one of the hired hands. Walking through the barnyard, the visitor tried starting a conversation: "Say, look at that big bunch of buffalos." The hired hand replied, "Not 'bunch' but 'herd'." "Heard what?" "Herd of buffalos." "Sure, I've heard of buffalos. There's a big bunch of 'em right over there." _____________________________________________________ An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Anthony Baumgardt, 21, Boon County, Indiana Shooter says he has ‘no remorse’ for killing deputy The 21-year-old man accused of fatally shooting Boone County Deputy Jacob Pickett spoke out as he walked into the courthouse for his initial hearing Wednesday afternoon, according to WXIN. Anthony Baumgardt, 21, faces murder, drug, and gun charges after police say he shot Pickett last week. Investigators were chasing Baumgardt and two other men after they fled the site of an unrelated attempted arrest last Friday. Prosecutor Todd Meyer says Baumgardt jumped from a fleeing car and ran around the corner of an apartment building in Lebanon with Deputy Pickett and his K9 partner Brik in pursuit. Pickett was shot once in the head. Officers returned fire, wounding Baumgardt before taking him into custody. According to court documents, Baumgardt told police, “I shot a cop.” When asked why he did it he answered, “Cause they were going to take me to jail.” While officers walked Baumgardt into the courthouse ahead of his initial hearing, he was asked if he was sorry for killing Pickett. Baumgardt said "nope," and he repeated multiple times he has "no remorse." He was also asked why he shot Pickett. He said, "I didn't want to get bit by a dog." Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielsen said, "That’s deputy Pickett’s dog. That’s Brik.” Baumgardt replied, "Well I didn’t want to get bit by Brik." During the hearing, Baumgardt asked the judge, "Will they be seeking the death penalty?" He then asked, "If I plead guilty can I seek out the death penalty on my own?" After the court hearing, Nielsen said it "hurt deep inside" when Baumgardt said he had no remorse. "But we move on." Nielsen later said, “I will not step down to his level. I did not cry in there because he will not get to me. But what I will tell you is I will be at every hearing and every trial, and so will his K9 partner Brik.” Meyer says he’s leaning toward pursuing the death penalty in the case. The suspect's father, Robert Baumgardt Jr., issued a statement after the court hearing, saying his family wants justice as much as the public. “After Anthony’s words today, I am speechless," he said. "Let’s give respect to the hero and the officers in blue, not giving Anthony the spotlight. Please let everyone know we want justice as much as they do. Swift Justice. My prayers for the family, Brik and the brothers in blue continue.” Tech Support Pits From: Rose Re: Wrong icon size Dear Webby, I hope you can help me one more time. After getting my computer back from the repair shop all my " Icons " and everything on the computer is double in size, how can I get things back to normal. Thank you Rose Dear Rose Let's hope and assume that the computer is not stuck in safe mode. Right-click on the desktop Screen Resolution That is a pull-down. Pull it down to the highest numberw you see. Hit OK. Most likely you will again have a decent resolution. You can fine-tune the icon size by clicking on the desktop, holding down CTRL and rolling the scroll wheel. First, though, you should set the screen resolution. Have FUN DearWebby The Easterner had always dreamed of owning his own cattle ranch, and finally made enough money to buy his dream spread in Wyoming. "So, what did you name the ranch?" asked his best friend when he flew out to visit. "We had a heck of a time," admitted the new cowboy."Couldn't agree on anything. We finally settled on the Double R Lazy L Triple Horseshoe Bar-7 Lucky Diamond Ranch." "Wow!" his friend was impressed. "So where are all the cows?" "When they saw that branding iron, they all ran away."
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Years ago, the chaplain of the football team at Notre Dame was a beloved old Irish priest. At confession one day, a football player told the priest that he had acted in an unsportsmanlike-like manner at a recent football game. "I lost my temper and said some bad words to one of my opponents." "Ahhh, that's a terrible thing for a Notre Dame lad to be doin'," the priest said. He took a piece of chalk and drew a mark across the sleeve of his coat. "That's not all, Father. I got mad and punched one of my opponents." "Saints preserve us!" the priest said, making another chalk mark. "There's more. As I got out of a pileup, I kicked two of the other team's players in the ..., in a sensitive area." "Oh, goodness me!" the priest wailed, making two more chalk marks on his sleeve. "Who in the world were we playin' when you did these awful things?" "Southern Methodist." "Ah, well," said the priest, wiping his sleeve, "boys will be boys."
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Today, April 10 in
1741 Frederick II of Prussia defeated Maria Theresa's forces at
Mollwitz and conquered Silesia. 

1790 The U.S. patent system was established when U.S. President
George Washington signed the Patent Act of 1790 into law. 

1809 Austria declared war on France and its forces entered Bavaria.

1814 Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Toulouse by the British
and the Spanish. The defeat led to his abdication and exile to

1825 The first hotel opened in Hawaii. 

1849 Walter Hunt patented the safety pin. He sold the rights for

1854 The constitution of the Orange Free State in south Africa was

1862 Union forces began the bombardment of Fort Pulaski in Georgia
along the Tybee River. 

1866 The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
(ASPCA) was incorporated. 

1902 South African Boers accepted British terms of surrender. 

1912 The Titanic set sail from Southampton, England. 

1916 The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) held its first
championship tournament. 

1919 In Mexico, revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata was killed by
government troops. 

1922 The Genoa Conference opened. The meeting was used to discuss
the reconstruction of Europe after World War I. 

1925 F. Scott Fitzgerald published "The Great Gatsby" for the first

1930 The first synthetic rubber was produced. 

1932 Paul von Hindenburg was elected president of Germany with 19
million votes. Adolf Hitler came in second with 13 million votes. 

1938 Germany annexed Austria. 

1941 In World War II, U.S. troops occupied Greenland to prevent
Nazi infiltration. 

1941 Ford Motor Co. became the last major automaker to recognize
the United Auto Workers as the representative for its workers. 

1944 Russian troops recaptured Odessa from the Germans. 

1945 German Me 262 jet fighters shot down ten U.S. bombers near

1953 Warner Bros. released "House of Wax." It was the first 3-D
movie to be released by a major Hollywood studio. 

1953 Actress Hedy Lamarr became a U.S. citizen. 

1959 Japan's Crown Prince Akihito married commoner Michiko Shoda. 

1960 The U.S. Senate passed the Civil Rights Bill. 

1961 Gary Player of South Africa became the first foreign golfer to
win the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. 

1963 129 people died when the nuclear-powered submarine USS
Thresher failed to surface off Cape Cod, MA. 

1967 The 13-day strike by the American Federation of Radio-TV
Artists (AFTRA) came to an end less than two hours before the 39th
Academy Awards presentation went on the air. 

1968 U.S. President Johnson replaced General Westmoreland with
General Creighton Abrams in Vietnam. 

1971 The American table tennis team arrived in China. They were the
first group of Americans officially allowed into China since the
founding of the People Republic in 1949. The team had recieved the
surprise invitation while in Japan for the 31st World Table Tennis

1972 An earthquake in southern Iran killed more than 5,000 people. 

1972 The U.S. and the Soviet Union joined with 70 other nations in
signing an agreement banning biological warfare. 

1973 In Switzerland, 108 people died when a plane crashed while
attempting to land at Basel. 

1974 Yitzhak Rabin replaced resigning Israeli Prime Minister, Golda
Meir. Meir resigned over differences within her Labor Party. 

1980 Spain and Britain agreed to reopen the border between
Gibraltar and Spain. It had been closed since 1969. 

1981 Imprisoned IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands was elected to the
British Parliament. 

1981 The maiden launch of the space shuttle Columbia was cancelled
because of a computer malfunction. 

1984 The U.S. Senate condemned the CIA mining of Nicaraguan

1988 On Wall Street, 48 million shares of Navistar International
stock changed hands in a single-block trade. It was the largest
transaction ever executed on the New York Stock Exchange. 

1990 Three European hostages kidnapped at sea in 1987 by
Palestinian extremists were released in Beirut. 

1992 A bomb exploded in London's financial district. The bomb, set
off by the Irish Republican Army, killed three people and injured

1993 South African Communist Party leader Chris Hani was

1994 NATO warplanes launched air strikes for the first time on Serb
forces that were advancing on the Bosnian Muslim town of Gordazde.
The area had been declared a U.N. safe area. 

1996 U.S. President Clinton vetoed a bill that would have outlawed
a technique used to end pregnancies in their late stages. 

1998 Negotiators reached a peace accord on governing British ruled
Northern Ireland. Britain's direct rule was ended. 

1999 The www.June4.org web site was launched by Chinese dissidents
and human rights activists to promote their campaign for democracy
in China. 

2000 Monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in
Europe (OSCE) reported irregularities in the voting in Georgia's
presidential election on April 9. President Eduard Shevardnadze was
reelected to a new five-year term. 

2001 The Netherlands legalized mercy killings and assisted suicide
for patients with unbearable, terminal illness. 

2002 Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before
the U.S. Senate as a representative of the Israeli government. He
warned that suicide bombers would spread to the U.S. if Israel was
not allowed to finish its military offensive in the West Bank.
Netanyaho also cited the goals of dismantling the terror regime and
expelling Arafat from the region, ridding the Palestinian
territories of terrorist weapons and establishing "physical
barriers" to protect Israelis from future Palestinian attacks. 

2009 In Fiji, President Josefa Iloilo suspended the nation's
Constitution, dismissed all judges and constitutional appointees
and assumed all governance in the country. 

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