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Good Morning, !
Today is Wednesday,  July 4
Happy Independence Day for the US!

Happy Independence Day for the Philippines!

Have FUN!

Todays Bonehead Award:
 Florida woman tries to abduct kids from park,
 punches pregnant woman
Today, July 4 in
1776 The amended Declaration of Independence, prepared by Thomas
Jefferson, was approved and signed by John Hancock, the President
of the Continental Congress in America. 

1946 The Philippines achieved full independence 
for the first time in over four hundred years. 
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Today, July 4 in
1776 The amended Declaration of Independence, prepared by Thomas
Jefferson, was approved and signed by John Hancock, the President
of the Continental Congress in America. 

1802 The U.S. Military Academy officially opened at West Point, NY.

1803 The Louisiana Purchase was announced in newspapers. The
property was purchased, by the U.S. from France, was for $15
million (or 3 cents an acre). The "Corps of Discovery," led by
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, began the exploration of the
territory on May 14, 1804. 

1817 Construction began on the Erie Canal, to connect Lake Erie and
the Hudson River. 

1845 American writer Henry David Thoreau began his two-year
experiment in simple living at Walden Pond, near Concord, MA. 

1848 In Washington, DC, the cornerstone for the Washington Monument
was laid. 

1863 The Confederate town of Vicksburg, MS, surrendered to General
Ulysses S. Grant. 

1884 Bullfighting was introduced in the U.S. in Dodge City, KS. 

1886 The first rodeo in America was held at Prescott, AZ. 

1892 The first double-decked street car service was inaugurated in
San Diego, CA. 

1894 After seizing power, Judge Stanford B. Dole declared Hawaii a

1901 William H. Taft became the American governor of the

1910 Race riots broke out all over the United States after African-
American Jack Johnson knocked out Jim Jeffries in a heavyweight
boxing match. 

1934 Boxer Joe Louis won his first professional fight. 

1934 At Mount Rushmore, George Washington's face was dedicated. 

1946 The Philippines achieved full independence for the first time
in over four hundred years. 

1955 The first king cobra snakes born in captivity in the U.S.
hatched at the Bronx Zoo in New York City. 

1957 The U.S. Postal Service issued the 4Ę Flag stamp. 

1959 The 49-star U.S. flag became official. 

1960 The 50-star U.S. flag made its debut in Philadelphia, PA. 

1966 U.S. President Johnson signed the Freedom of Information Act,
which went into effect the following year. 

1976 The U.S. celebrated its Bicentennial. 

1982 The Soviets performed a nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhl

1987 Klaus Barbie, the former Gestapo chief known as the "Butcher
of Lyon," was convicted by a French court of crimes against
humanity and sentenced to life in prison. 

1997 The Mars Pathfinder, an unmanned spacecraft, landed on Mars. A
rover named Sojourner was deployed to gather data about the
of the planet. 

1997 Ferry service between Manhattan and Staten Island was made
free of charge. Previously, the charge had ranged from 5 cents to
50 cents. 

2004 In New York, the cornerstone of the Freedom Tower (One World
Trade Center) was laid on the former World Trade Center site. 

2005 NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft took pictures as a space probe
smashed into the Tempel 1 comet. The mission was aimed at learning
more about comets that formed from the leftover buidling blocks of
the solar system. The Deep Impact mission launched on January 12,

2009 North Korea launched seven ballistic missiles into waters off
its east coast that defied U.N. resolutions. 

2009 The Statue of Liberty's crown reopened to visitors. It had
been closed to the public since 2001. 

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