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Good Morning, !
Today is Thursday, July 19

Had the first raspberries today!
Yeah, I know, in the lowlands they have ripened a long
time ago, but here in the foothills of the Rockies they
finally ripened now. There are going to be lots this year!

Thank you, Claude!

Have FUN!

Todays Bonehead Award:
Police recognize man fleeing on stolen 
motorcycle, wait for him at his house
Today, July 19 in
1848 The Women's Rights Convention took place in Seneca Fall, NY.
Bloomers were introduced at the convention. 
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To knock a thing down, especially if it is cocked at an arrogant angle, is a deep delight of the blood. --- George Santayana (1863 - 1952) It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge. --- Enrico Fermi (1901 - 1954) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye. --- Miss Piggy ____________________________________________________ If you like the Humor Letter, please vote! ______________________________________________________ The school of agriculture's dean of admissions was inter- viewing a prospective student, "Why have you chosen this career?" he asked. "I dream of making a million dollars in farming, like my father," the student replied. "Your father made a million dollars in farming?" echoed the dean much impressed. "No," replied the applicant. "But he always dreamed of it." _____________________________________________________ Malwarebytes for Home | Anti-Malware Premium | Free Trial Download ______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________
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_____________________________________________________ Two highway patrolmen stopped a guy for speeding on the state highway in Waxahachie, Texas. As they were writing up the ticket, one cop turned to the other and said, "How do you spell Waxahachie?" The other one replied, "I don't know." So the first one said, "Well what are we gong to do? If we spell it wrong, the ticket will get dismissed." The second cop said, "Why don't we just let him go and stop him again when he gets to Waco?" ___________________________________________________ An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Brandon Briggs, 38, West Jordan, Utah Police recognize man fleeing on stolen motorcycle, wait for him at his house Police recognize man fleeing from them on stolen motorcycle, dump out of the chase and wait for him at his house to make arrest. A West Jordan man is facing charges after fleeing from police on a stolen motorcycle during a traffic stop for what police said was a “simple traffic violation.” West Jordan Police said they made the stop around eight o’clock Saturday night near 7000 S. Redwood Road, the motorcyclist quickly took off. However, officers decided not to follow the man, because they recognized him. Instead officers went to 38-year-old Brandon Briggs’ home and waiting for him to return. About an hour after the stop police said Briggs showed up at his house and was taken into custody without incident. Police later found out that the motorcycle had been stolen. The bike was found crashed nearby, it is unclear if Briggs caused the crash. Briggs has been charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, failure to stop at the command of an officer and violation of parole or probation.
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A 92 year old man went to the doctor to get a physical. A few days later, the doctor saw the man walking down the street with a gorgeous young lady on his arm. At his follow up visit, the doctor talked to the man and said, "You're really doing great, aren't you?" The man replied, "Just doing what you said Doc: 'Get a hot mamma and be cheerful.'" The Doctor said, "I didn't say that. I said you got a heart murmur. Be careful." "Too late!", he replied, "We are getting married next month!"
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Wacky laws: Louisiana: It is illegal to rob a bank and then shoot at the bank teller with a water pistol. Biting someone with your natural teeth is "simple assault," while biting someone with your false teeth is "aggravated assault." New Mexico: Females are strictly forbidden to appear unshaven in public. Oklahoma: Violators can be fined, arrested or jailed for making ugly faces at a dog. Pennsylvania: No man may purchase alcohol without written consent from his wife. A special cleaning ordinance bans housewives from hiding dirt and dust under a rug in a dwelling. (That ordinance was passed after some floors collapsed onto the tenants on the floor below from the weight of the dirt under the rugs.) Washington: All lollipops are banned. A law to reduce crime states: "It is mandatory for a motorist with criminal intentions to stop at the city limits and telephone the chief of police as he is entering the town. (That is why senators use chauffeurs) ____________________________________________________ Daily tip from Putting Out Oven Fires Keep salt or baking soda close at hand to throw on oven fires in the bottom of your oven. Once the oven has cooled, it will aid in cleaning up the spill that caused the fire. The same applies for stove-top and barbecue. You can also use sand, dirt from a potted plant, ANYTHING EXCEPT WATER! Never use water on a grease fire. Water will turn the oil or grease into a napalm like substance and spaltter it all over. It turns one little fire into many big ones instantly. Most people have an open box of baking soda in the fridge and cupboard to absorb odors. Know where yours is, in case you have to quickly grab it. Tip provided by ____________________________________________________
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___________________________________________________ A recent bride called her mother one evening in tears. "Oh, Mom, I tried to make Grand-mother's meatloaf for dinner tonight and it's just awful! I followed the recipe exactly, and I know I have the recipe right, because it's the one you gave me. But, it just didn't come out right and I'm so upset. I wanted this to be so special for George, because he loves meatloaf. What could have gone wrong"? Her mother replied soothing-ly, "Well, dear, let's go through the recipe. You read it out loud, and tell me exactly what you did at each step and to-gether we'll figure it out." "Okay," the bride sniffled. "Well, it starts out, 'Take fifty cents worth of ground beef.' ___________________________________________________
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One day a man called the church office. He said, "Can I speak to the head hog at the trough?" The secretary thought she heard what he said, but said, "I'm sorry, who?" The caller repeated, "Can I speak to the head hog at the trough?" She said, "Well, if you mean the preacher, then you may refer to him as 'Pastor,' or 'Brother,' but I prefer that you not refer to him as the 'head hog at the trough'!" To this the man replied, "Well, I was planning on giving $100,000 to the building fund...." To this the secretary quickly responded "Hang on, I think the big fat pig just waddled in!" ____________________________________________________

Today, July 19 in
1525 The Catholic princes of Germany formed the Dessau League to
fight against the Reformation. 

1553 Fifteen-year-old Lady Jane Grey was deposed as Queen of
England after claiming the crown for nine days. Mary, the daughter
of King Henry VIII, was proclaimed Queen. 

1788 Prices plunged on the Paris stock market. 

1799 The Rosetta Stone, a tablet with hieroglyphic translations
into Greek, was found in Egypt. 

1848 The Women's Rights Convention took place in Seneca Fall, NY.
Bloomers were introduced at the convention. 

1870 France declared war on Prussia. 

1939 Dr. Roy P. Scholz became the first surgeon to use fiberglass

1942 German U-boats were withdrawn from positions off the U.S.
Atlantic coast due to effective American anti-submarine

1943 During World War II, more than 150 B-17 and 112 B-24 bombers
attacked Rome for the first time. 

1946 Marilyn Monroe acted in her first screen test. 

1971 In New York, the topping out ceremony for Two World Trade
Center (South Tower) took place. The ceremony for One World Trade
Center had taken place on December 23, 1970. 

1974 The House Judiciary Committee recommended that U.S. President
Richard Nixon should stand trial in the Senate for any of the five
impeachment charges against him. 

1975 The Apollo and Soyuz spacecrafts separated after being linked
in orbit for two days. 

1979 In Nicaragua, the dictatorship of the Somozas was overthrown
by the Sandinista National Liberation Front (Frente Sandinista de
Liberación Nacional or FSLN). 

1982 The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 14% of the population had
an income below the official poverty level in 1981. 

1985 George Bell won first place in a biggest feet contest with a
shoe size of 28-1/2. Bell, at age 26, stood 7 feet 10 inches tall. 

1985 Christa McAuliffe of New Hampshire was chosen to be the first
schoolteacher to ride aboard the space shuttle. She died with six
others when the Challenger exploded the following year. 

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