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Good Morning, !
Today is Friday, August 24
Time to wear a bit of red to show your support for the troops!

Some tele@#$% called today, with the call display claiming 
"Private Caller". Well, I do have some not very bright
acquaintances, who forge "Private Caller", and even my
doctor's receptionist falls into that category.

Caller: Hello?
 Me: Yellow
Caller: Hello?
 Me: Yellow 
Caller: This is the (gobbledigook) bank cal
 Me: I don't deal with that bank
Caller: We got a check here for you
 Me: Put it into my account or else stuff it where the sun
don't shine. KLICK!

I really don't have time for those idjits.
Real banks don't call me if they have a check from or for
me, and besides, they have my email address. Also, banks
don't fake "Private Caller".

Have FUN!

Today's Bonehead Award:
Woman run over by train after stranger 
pushed mother onto tracks

Today, August 24 in
1572 The Catholics began their slaughter of the French
Protestants in Paris. The killings claimed about 70,000
More of today in history at HIstory
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_____________________________________________________ A wholesale dealer who had a lot of trouble in getting a certain retailer to pay his bills finally lost patience and wrote the merchant a threatening letter. He received the following reply: "Dear Sir: What do you mean by writing me a letter like that? Every month I place all my bills in a hat and then figure out how much money I have to pay on my accounts. Then I have my bookkeeper draw as many bills out of the hat as I have money to pay. If you don't like my way of doing business, I won't even put your bills in the hat." ___________________________________________________ Reported by the Bausell Sailor An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Christopher Brooklin, 28, Atlanta, Woman run over by train after stranger pushed mother onto tracks A Milwaukee woman was run over by a train in Atlanta, after investigators say a stranger pushed the woman's mother onto the tracks as the train approached. Katie Wenszell jumped onto the tracks to save her mother's life. The 28-year-old is now fighting for her own life. Wenszell and four of her sisters were in Atlanta with their mother for a girl's trip when the unthinkable happened. It was supposed to be a memorable trip, but the memories made weren't what the family ever expected. "It's been up and down," said Jerry Wenszell, Katie's father. Jerry Wenszell was at home in Wisconsin when it happened. He got a call on Sunday, Aug. 19. "She said 'Mom and Katie have been involved in a train accident.' That's just not a normal statement. That just isn't," said Wenszell. The women were at Atlanta's Midtown MARTA station when investigators say Christopher Brooklin, 28, pushed Susan Wenszell onto the tracks. "Katie seeing this, as an oncoming train is coming, jumped down to move Sue off the tracks," said Jerry Wenszell. The train went over Katie and Susan Wenszell, and Katie was wearing a backpack. "She was caught and beaten between the railroad tracks and the undercarriage of the vehicle," said Jerry Wenszell. She was dragged and critically injured, while her mother was OK. She's fighting for her life at an Atlanta hospital, in a medically-induced coma, with broken bones in her face and a severely injured shoulder. Additionally, part of her foot had to be amputated. Her father called her a hero. "Had she not done that, my wife would be coming home in a funeral box," said Jerry Wenszell. Brooklin was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery. Jerry Wenszell said he plans to head to Atlanta Thursday, Aug. 23 to be with his daughter. Meanwhile, a account has been set up to help pay medical expenses.
From Beth Re: Slow mail Dear Webby, My mail program is getting slower by the day, it seems. How do I fix that? Beth Dear Beth First clean out your IN mailbox. It should only have today's unread mail in it. (If you tell me I should do what I preach, you can get your own coffee!) While that may not be practical or possible, consider it a goal to strive towards. Move mail immediately, after glancing at it, to mailboxes that you name as: Urgent Soon Rainy-day Tips Ideas Friends Family Recipes Second, shorten your spam blacklist, or dump it. Spammers nowadays just forge their sending addresses anyway and never use the same one twice, so why bother with a huge blacklist? Just set the blacklist ot "age off" in 2 days. Have FUN DearWebby
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Vaseline jar mystery menacing Calgary.
___________________________________________________ An American attorney had just finished a guest lecture at a law school in Italy when an Italian lawyer approached him and asked, "Is it true that a person can fall down on a sidewalk in your country and then sue the landowners for lots of money?" Told that it was true, the lawyer turned to his partner and started speaking rapidly in Italian. When they stopped, the American attorney asked if they wanted to go to America to practice law. "No, no," one replied. "We want to go to America and fall down on sidewalks." ___________________________________________________
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A woman rushed into the supermarket to pick up a few items. She headed for the express line where the clerk was talking on the phone with his back turned to her. "Excuse me," she said, "I'm in a hurry. Could you check me out, please?" The clerk turned, looked her up and down, and smiled, "Not bad. Quite cute, actually! But this till won't work until I talk the manager into rebooting the computer." ____________________________________________________

Today, August 24 in
0079 Mount Vesuvius erupted killing approximately 20,000
people. The cities of Pompeii, Stabiae and Herculaneum were
buried in volcanic ash. 

0410 The Visigoths overran Rome. This event symbolized the
fall of the Western Roman Empire. 

1456 The printing of the Gutenberg Bible was completed. 

1572 The Catholics began their slaughter of the French
Protestants in Paris. The killings claimed about 70,000

1814 Washington, DC was invaded by British forces that set
fire to the White House and Capitol. 

1869 A patent for the waffle iron was received by Cornelius

1891 Thomas Edison applied for patents for the kinetoscope
and kinetograph (U.S. Pats. 493,426 and 589,168). 

1912 A four-pound limit was set for parcels sent through
the U.S. Post Office mail system. 

1932 Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across
the U.S. non-stop. The trip from Los Angeles, CA to Newark,
NJ, took about 19 hours. 

1949 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) went
into effect. The agreement was that an attack against one
of the parties would be considered "an attack against them

1954 The Communist Party was virtually outlawed in the U.S.
when the Communist Control Act went into effect. 

1959 Three days after Hawaiian statehood, Hiram L. Fong was
sworn in as the first Chinese-American U.S. senator while
Daniel K. Inouye was sworn in as the first Japanese-
American U.S. representative. 

1963 John Pennel pole-vaulted 17 feet and 3/4 inches
becoming the first to break the 17-foot barrier. 

1968 France became the 5th thermonuclear power when they
exploded a hydrogen bomb in the South Pacific. 

1985 27 anti-apartheid leaders were arrested in South
Africa as racial violence rocked the country. 

1986 Frontier Airlines shut down. Thousands of people were
left stranded. 

1989 Pete Rose, the manager of the Cincinnati Reds, was
banned from baseball for life after being accused of
gambling on baseball. 

1989 "Total war" was declared by Columbian drug lords on
their government. 

1989 The U.S. space probe Voyager 2, sent back photographs
of Neptune. 

1990 Iraqi troops surrounded foreign missions in Kuwait. 

1991 Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as the
head of the Communist Party. 

1992 China and South Korea established diplomatic

1998 U.S. officials cited a soil sample as part of the
evidence that a Sudan plant was producing precursors to the
VX nerve gas. And, therefore made it a target for U.S.
missiles on August 20, 1998. 

1998 A donation of 24 beads was made, from three parties,
to the Indian Museum of North America at the Crazy Horse
Memorial. The beads are said to be those that were used in
1626 to buy Manhattan from the Indians. 

2001 In McAllen, TX, Bridgestone/Firestone agreed to settle
out of court and pay a reported $7.5 million to a family in
a rollover accident in their Ford Explorer. 

2001 The remains of nine American servicemen killed in the
Korean War were returned to the U.S. The bodies were found
about 60 miles north of Pyongyang. It was estimated that it
would be a year before the identies of the soldiers would
be known. 

2001 U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly was
randomly picked to take over the Microsoft monopoly case.
The judge was to decide how Microsoft should be punished
for illegally trying to squelch its competitors. 

2001 NASA announced that operation of the Upper Atmosphere
Research Satellite would end by September 30th due to
budget restrictions. Though the satellite is best known for
monitoring a hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica, it
was designed to provide information about the upper
atmosphere by measuring its winds, temperatures, chemistry
and energy received from the sun. 

2006 The planet Pluto was reclassified as a "dwarf planet"
by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Pluto's
status was changed due to the IAU's new rules for an object
qualifying as a planet. Pluto met two of the three rules
because it orbits the sun and is large enough to assume a
nearly round shape. However, since Pluto has an oblong
orbit and overlaps the orbit of Neptune it disqualified
Pluto as a planet. 

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