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Good Morning, !
Today is Saturday, September 15

5 cm (2") snow. 
Where is the Gullible Warming when you need it?
Is the ice age really coming?

Not really, it's just cycles, like the Farmer's Almanac and all
the old folks predicted. The Gullible Warming cycle is
finished, now we have the Ice Age Scare cycle, like we did when
the  do-gooders got mad at our muscle cars in the 70's.

Have FUN!

Today's Bonehead Award: 

Man accidentally shot self while 
fleeing fficers in Delaware County

Today, September 15 in
1959 Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev arrived in the U.S. to
begin a 13-day visit. 
More of today in history at HIstory
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Today, September 15 in
1776 British forces occupied New York City during the American

1821 Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador
proclaimed independence. 

1853 Reverend Antoinette Brown Blackwell was ordained becoming
first female minister in the United States. 

1857 Timothy Alder earned a patent for the typesetting machine.

1858 The first mail service begins to the Pacific Coast of the
U.S. under government contract. Coaches from the Butterfield
Overland Mail Company took 12 days to make the journey between
Tipton, MO and San Francisco, CA. 

1909 A New York judge ruled that Ford Motor Company had
infringed on George Seldon's patent for the "Road Engine." The
ruling was later overturned. 

1909 Charles F. Kettering applied for a patent on his ignition
system. His company Delco (Dayton Engineering Laboratories
Company) later became a subsidiary of General Motors. 

1916 During the Battle of the Somme, in France, tanks were
first used in warfare when the British rolled them onto the

1917 Alexander Kerensky proclaimed Russia to be a republic. 

1923 Oklahoma was placed under martial law by Gov. John
Calloway Walton due to terrorist activity by the Ku Klux Klan.
After this declaration national newspapers began to expose the
Klan and its criminal activities. 

1928 Alexander Fleming discovered the antibiotic penicillin in
the mold Penicillium notatum. 

1935 The Nuremberg Laws were enacted by Nazi Germany. The act
stripped all German Jews of their civil rights and the swastika
was made the official symbol of Nazi Germany. 

1940 The German Luftwaffe suffered the loss of 185 planes in
the Battle of Britain. The change in tide forced Hitler to
abandon his plans for invading Britain. 

1949 "The Lone Ranger" premiered on ABC. Clayton Moore was the
Lone Ranger and Jay Silverheels was Tonto. 

1950 U.N. forces landed at Inchon, Korea in an attempt to
relieve South Korean forces and recapture Seoul. 

1953 The National Boxing Association adopted the 10-point
scoring system for all of its matches. 

1955 Betty Robbins became the first woman cantor. 

1959 Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev arrived in the U.S. to
begin a 13-day visit. 

1961 The U.S. resumed underground testing of nuclear weapons. 

1965 "Lost in Space" premiered on CBS TV. 

1965 "Green Acres" premiered on CBS TV. 

1971 Greenpeace was founded. 

1978 Muhammad Ali defeated Leon Spinks to win his 3rd World
Heavyweight Boxing title. 

1982 The first issue of "USA Today" was published. 

1983 The U.S. Senate joined the U.S. House of Representatives
in their condemning of the Soviet Union for shooting down a
Korean jet with 269 people onboard. 

1990 France announced that it would send an additional 4,000
soldiers to the Persian Gulf. They also expelled Iraqi military
attaches in Paris. 

1993 The FBI announced a new national campaign concerning the
crime of carjacking. 

1994 U.S. President Clinton told Haiti's military leaders "Your
time is up. Leave now or we will force you from power." 

1995 The U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women was held in

1997 The domain name "" was registered. 

1998 Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered the Iranian military to be
on full alert and massed troops on its border with Afghanistan.

1998 It was announced that 5.9 million people read The Starr
Report on the Internet. 606,000 people read the White House
defense of U.S. President Clinton. 

1999 The United Nations approved the deployment of a
multinational peacekeeping force in East Timor. 

2003 In Independence, MO, the birthplace of Ginger Rogers was
designated a local landmark. The move by the Independence City
Council qualified the home for historic preservation. 

2012 Legoland Malaysia opened in Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia.

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