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Illegal Immigrant protected by Oregon's Sanctuary
law from ICE Now Charged with  Brutal Murder

Today, November 6 in
1894 William C. Hooker received a patent for the mousetrap. 
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___________________________________________________ An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Martin Gallo-Gallardo, 45, Oregon Illegal Immigrant protected by Oregon's Sanctuary law from ICE Now Charged with Brutal Murder Actually, the Bonehead award should go to Oregon. An illegal alien from Mexico accused of stabbing his wife to death on Sunday was released from an Oregon county jail seven months ago despite federal immigration authorities’ request to deport him, immigration officials said. A woman might be alive today if the Oregon authorities had not decided to allow a known illegal immigrant go free. Martin Gallo-Gallardo, 45, is facing murder charges in connection with the death of Coral Rodriguez-Lorenzo, 38, after authorities discovered her body in a ditch near a river east of Portland on October 28. In March, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s office released 45-year- old Martin Gallo-Gallardo after the prosecutor’s office dismissed assault charges against him. Fox 12 Oregon reported a grand jury could not “hold him accountable” without the cooperation of the victim, his wife. Fox News reported: “Officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said the federal agency placed a civil detainer hold on Gallo-Gallardo while he was in custody in Portland so it could begin deportation proceedings. The agency said the sheriff’s department didn’t honor the request because of the state’s sanctuary laws.” On October 29, Gallo-Gallardo was was arrested for questioning in the death of his wife Coral Rodriguiez-Lorenzo and it was at that time he confessed to murdering her. Clackamas County officials found her body the previous day, which had been repeatedly stabbed according to The Daily Caller. As with most major ideological conflicts finger pointing and the blame game ensues. Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese who supports Oregon’s sanctuary laws said his office never received a detainer request due a technology malfunction in fax transmission. “Gallo-Gallardo drove his wife to nearby Clackamas County after an argument and stabbed her multiple times. He pleaded not guilty to the crime Tuesday,” according to Fox News. Hopefully after Tuesday justice for all will mean cold blooded murders like this will be avoidable in Oregon’s future. From: Susan Re: Is MS NET Framework safe ? Dear Webby. Good Morning, I received an Update from microsoft this morning and I wanted your opinion whether it is one I need to download. Thanks much for your help. Susan Microsoft, NET Framework 10.2 MB Cannot be removed after installation. Dear Susan NET Framework is OK. Many programs use and need it. The only one to guard against is IE Have FUN! DearWebby
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Today November 6 in
1789 Father John Carroll was appointed as the first Roman
Catholic bishop in the United States of America. 

1832 Joseph Smith, III, was born. He was the first president of
the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He
was also the son of Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism. 

1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected to be the sixteenth president of
the United States. 

1861 Jefferson Davis was elected as the president of the
Confederacy in the U.S. 

1869 The first official intercollegiate football game was played
in New Brunswick, NJ. 

1894 William C. Hooker received a patent for the mousetrap. 

1903 Philippe Bunau-Varilla, as Panama's ambassador to the United
States, signed the Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty. The document granted
rights to the United States to build and indefinitely administer
the Panama Canal Zone and its defenses. 

1913 Mohandas K. Gandhi was arrested as he led a march of Indian
miners in South Africa. 

1917 During World War I, Candian forces take the village of
Passchendaele, Belgium, in the Third Battle of Ypres. 

1923 Jacob Schick was granted a patent for the electric shaver. 

1935 Edwin H. Armstrong announced his development of FM

1952 The first hydrogen bomb was exploded at Eniwetok Atoll in
the Pacific Ocean. 

1961 In the Saraha Desert of Algeria, a natural gas well ignited
when a pipe ruptured. The flames rose between 450 feet and 800
feet. The fire burned until April 28, 1962 when a team led by Red
Adair used explosives to deprive the fire of oxygen.

1962 The U.N. General Assembly adopts a resolution that condemned
South Africa's racist apartheid policies. The resolution also
called for all member states to terminate military and economic
relations with South Africa. 

1965 The Freedom Flights program began which would allow 250,000
Cubans to come to the United States by 1971. 

1967 Phil Donahue began a TV talk show in Dayton, OH. The show
was on the air for 29 years. 

1973 NASA's Pioneer 10 spacecraft began photographing Jupiter. 

1975 King Hassan II of Morocco launches the Green March, a mass
migration of 300,000 unarmed Moroccans, that march into the
nation of Western Sahara. 

1977 39 people were killed when an earthen dam burst, sending a
wall of water through the campus of Toccoa Falls Bible College in

1983 U.S. Army choppers dropped hundreds of leaflets over
northern and central Grenada. The leaflets urged residents to
cooperate in locating any Grenadian army or Cuban resisters to
the U.S-led invasion. 

1984 For the first time in 193 years, the New York Stock Exchange
remained open during a presidential election day.

1985 Leftist guerrillas belonging to Columbia's April 19 Movement
seized control of the Palace of Justice in Bogota. 

1986 Former Navy radioman John A. Walker Jr., was sentenced in
Baltimore to life imprisonment. Walker had admitted to being the
head of a family spy ring. 

1986 U.S. intelligence sources confirmed a story run by the
Lebanese magazine Ash Shiraa that reported the U.S. had been
secretly selling arms to Iran in an effort to secure the release
of seven American hostages. 

1989 In the hopes of freeing U.S. hostages held in Iran, the U.S.
announced that it would unfreeze $567 million in Iranian assets
that had been held since 1979. 

1990 About 20% of the Universal Studios backlot in southern
California was destroyed in an arson fire. 

1991 Kuwait celebrated the dousing of the last of the oil fires
ignited by Iraq during the Persian Gulf War. 

1995 Art Modell, the owner of the Cleveland Browns, announced
plans to move his team to Baltimore. (Maryland) 

1995 Mark Messier scored his 500th NHL goal. 

1998 The Islamic militant group Hamas exploded a car bomb killing
the two attackers and injuring 21 civilians. 

1999 Australian voters rejected a referendum to drop Britain's
queen as their head of state. 

2001 In London, the "Lest We Forget" exhibit opened at the
National Memorial Arboretum. Fred Seiker was the creator of the
24 watercolors. Seiker was a prisoner of war that had been forced
to build the Burma Railroad, the "railway of death," for the
Japanese during World War II. 

2001 In Madrid, Spain, a car bomb injured about 60 people. The
bomb was blamed on Basque separatists. 

2001 Ten people were executed in Beijing, China. The state
newspaper of China said that all of the people executed were
robbers and killers aged 20-23. 

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