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Today is Wednesday, February 6

Today's Bonehead Award: 
Iowa mom left 2-, 4-year-old in car 
in below freezing temperatures

Today, February 6 in
1971 NASA Astronaut Alan B. Shepard used a six-iron that he had
brought inside his spacecraft and swung at three golf balls on
the surface of the moon. 
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___________________________________________________ An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by Stephany C. Moses, 25, Council Bluffs, Iowa Iowa mom left 2-, 4-year-old in car in below freezing temperatures A Council Bluffs woman left her two children in a car unattended in the cold for about 45 minutes Tuesday, police said. Police were called just after 10:30 a.m. to a parking lot near 3271 Interstate 80 and 24th Street to check on two children, ages 2 and 4. The children had been located by a concerned citizen who then provided them shelter in her vehicle until police arrived, officers said. The investigation revealed the two children had been left unattended in the vehicle for approximately 45 minutes. The vehicle the children had been left in was not running, was unlocked and the window was partially down, police said. Police said the children were only wearing light clothing. The outside air temperature at the time of the incident was 5 degrees with a minus 14 to minus 15 degree wind chill. The mother of the children was located by police after she came out of the Boot Barn Store, police said. The mother, identified as Stephany C. Moses, 25, was arrested on two counts of child endangerment. The children were placed into protective custody, and the Department of Human Services was contacted. The children were not injured.
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___________________________________________________ Since another church member, Bonnie, had mentioned that she and her husband were struggling with a big decision on whether they should become missionaries, my friend offered to include them on the prayer list. So at the meeting, my friend announced in front of the whole congregation, "Let's all pray that Bonnie and Lee can make a decision about the missionary position." ___________________________________________________ Re graduating from highschool: Interesting article in the NY Times about the government desperately trying to come up with a single formula for figuring out how many kids graduated and how many were left behind. Apparently each state fudges the figures differently and some don't have the skills to do even that. Should be simple enough: X kids were born, Y kids graduated, Z = X - Y and shows the number of kids left behind. Apparently that is not democratic enough, since then most states would not qualify for Federal handouts. Also, since some states hand out graduation diplomas for having signed up, regardless of attending or test results, the stats are a bit unrealistic. ___________________________________________________
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Mrs. Goldfarb was shopping at a produce stand in her neighborhood. She approached the vendor and asked, "How much are these oranges?" "Two for a quarter," answered the vendor. "How much is just one?" she asked. "Fifteen cents," answered the vendor. "Then I'll take the other one," said Mrs. Goldfarb. ___________________________________________________

Today February 6 in
1778 The United States gained official recognition from France as
the two nations signed the Treaty of Amity and Commerce and the
Treaty of Alliance in Paris. 

1815 The state of New Jersey issued the first American railroad
charter to John Stevens. 

1899 The U.S. Senate ratified a peace treaty between the U.S. and

1900 The Holland Senate ratified the 1899 peace conference decree
that created an international arbitration court at The Hague. 

1911 The first old-age home for pioneers opened in Prescott, AZ. 

1932 Dog sled racing happened for the first time in Olympic

1937 K. Elizabeth Ohi became the first Japanese woman lawyer when
she received her degree from John Marshall Law School in Chicago,

1952 Britain's King George VI died. His daughter, Elizabeth II,
succeeded him. 

1959 The U.S., for the first time, successfully test-fired a
Titan intercontinental ballistic missile from Cape Canaveral. 

1971 NASA Astronaut Alan B. Shepard used a six-iron that he had
brought inside his spacecraft and swung at three golf balls on
the surface of the moon. 

1972 Over 500,000 pieces of irate mail arrived at the mail room
of CBS-TV, when word leaked out that an edited-for-TV version of
the X-rated movie, "The Demand," would be shown. 

1973 Construction began on the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario,

1985 The French mineral water company, Perrier, debuted its first
new product in 123 years. The new items were water with a twist
of lemon, lime or orange. 

1987 President Ronald Reagan turned 76 years old this day and
became the oldest U.S. President in history. 

1998 Washington National Airport was renamed for U.S. President
Ronald Reagan with the signing of a bill by U.S. President

1999 King Hussein of Jordan transferred full political power to
his oldest son the Crown Prince Abdullah. 

1999 Excerpts of former White House intern Monica Lewinsky's
videotaped testimony were shown at President Clinton's
impeachment trial. 

1999 Heavy fighting resumed along the common border between
Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

2000 Russia's acting President Vladimir Putin announced that
Russian forces had captured Grozny, Chechnya. The capital city
had been under the control of Chechen rebels. 

2000 In Finland, Foreign Minister Tarja Halonen became the first
woman to be elected president. 

2000 U.S. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton formally declared
that she was a candidate for a U.S. Senate seat from the state of
New York after the sitting senator had been ordered to retire. 

2001 Ariel Sharon was elected Israeli prime minister. 

2002 A federal judge ordered John Walker Lindh to be held without
bail pending trial. Lindh was known as the "American Taliban."

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