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Today, March 21 in
1857 An earthquake hit Tokyo killing about 107,000.
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Today's Bonehead Award: Georgia woman cuts man with sword after catching him molesting her daughter ________________________________________________ If you like the Humor Letter, please vote! ______________________________________________________ In journalism, there has always been a tension between getting it first and getting it right. --- Ellen Goodman (1941 - ) We are here on Earth to do good to others. What the others are here for, I don't know. --- W. H. Auden (1907 - 1973) _____________________________________________________ Malwarebytes for Home | Anti-Malware Premium | Free Trial Download ______________________________________________________ A woman went to a computer dating service and said she didn't care about looks, income or background. All she wanted was a man of upright character. Then a man came in and told them the only thing he was seeking in a woman was intelligence. The service matched them together at once because they had one thing in common -- they were both pathological liars. ______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Reported by the Bausell Sailor: An INTERNATIONAL BONEHEAD AWARD has been earned by John Lawarren Williams, 25, Macon, Georgia Georgia woman cuts man with sword after catching him molesting her daughter A Georgia woman cut her boyfriend with a sword after she caught him allegedly molesting her 5-year-old daughter, deputies told WMAZ. John Lawarren Williams, 25, is facing charges of aggravated molestation and cruelty to children. He is being held without bond. Deputies said they were told that the girl had also been “burned with a cigarette on her private area,” according to WGXA. The girl and mother went to a pediatric hospital in Macon. Williams reportedly ran away from the house when law enforcement arrived but later turned himself in to deputies. According to WGXA, he was then treated for a cut on his hand and interviewed by investigators.
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A woman was out shopping one day with her son. The boy spotted a man who was bowlegged. The boy pulled on Mom's hand and said, "Momma, look at the bowlegged man!" Mom was mortified and told her son that it was not polite to point to a person and make that sort of comment. For punishment, the boy had to read a play by Shakespeare. He couldn't go shopping again until he finished reading the play. Finally he finished and his mom took him once again to the mall. Again he spied a bowlegged man, but remembered what happened the last time. So he pulled on his mother's hand and said, "Lo, what manner of men are these, Who wear their balls in parentheses?"
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A man went to the police station wishing to speak with the burglar who had broken into his house the night before. "You'll get your chance in court," said the desk sergeant. "No, no, no!" said the man. "I want to know how he got into the house without waking my wife. I've been trying to do that for years!" ___________________________________________________ Daily tip from Saving Money on Video Games Don't buy games as soon as they come out. A year later you can often find games for half their original price. Even if you only wait a few weeks, you can find the hot games in the used market at local stores or on eBay. ____________________________________________________
What amazing timing and discipline.
___________________________________________________ Thanks to Cookie for this story: One evening I was driving my eight-year-old daughter to her grandparents' home for an overnight stay. It was late, there was very little traffic, and we were enjoying a peaceful ride. It was a far cry from the usual chaos surrounding us when I drive her to various activities during rush hour. My daughter seemed deep in thought when she said, "I have a question." "What do you want to know?" I responded. "Mom, when you're driving," she asked, "are YOU ever the stupid idiot?" ___________________________________________________ One young man was riding his bicycle across a university campus. A passerby saw that a message on the front of his T-shirt announced his occupational goal: "I AM GOING TO BE A DOCTOR." As the cyclist rode on, the passerby noticed a sign on the rear of his bicycle: "I AM GOING TO BE A MERCEDES." ___________________________________________________
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As the bus pulled away, I realized I had left my purse under the seat. Later I called the company and was relieved that the driver had found my bag. When I went to pick it up, several off-duty bus drivers surrounded me. One man handed me my pocketbook, two typewritten pages and a box containing the contents of my purse. "We're required to inventory lost wallets and purses," he explained. "I think you'll find everything there." As I started to put my belongings back into the pocketbook, the man continued, "I hope you don't mind if we watch. Even though we all tried, none of us could fit everything back into your purse. And we'd like to see just HOW you do it." ___________________________________________________

Today March 21 in
1349 3,000 Jews were killed in Black Death riots in Efurt

1556 Thomas Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury, was burned at
the stake at Oxford after retracting the last of seven
recantations that same day. 

1788 Almost the entire city of New Orleans, LA, was destroyed by
fire. 856 buildings were destroyed. 

1804 The French civil code, the Code Napoleon, was adopted. 

1824 A fire at a Cairo ammunitions dump killed 4,000 horses. 

1835 Charles Darwin & Mariano Gonzales met at Portillo Pass. 

1851 Emperor Tu Duc ordered that Christian priests be put to

1851 Yosemite Valley was discovered in California. 

1857 An earthquake hit Tokyo killing about 107,000. 

1902 In New York, three Park Avenue mansions were destroyed when
a subway tunnel roof caved in. 

1907 The U.S. Marines landed in Honduras to protect American
interests in the war with Nicaragua. 

1908 A passenger was carried in a bi-plane for the first time by
Henri Farman of France. 

1909 Russia withdrew its support for Serbia and recognized the
Austrian annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Serbia accepted
Austrian control over Bosnia-Herzegovina on March 31, 1909. 

1918 During World War I, the Germans launched the Somme

1925 The state of Tennessee enacted the Butler Act. It was a law
that made it a crime for a teacher in any state-supported public
school to teach any theory that was in contradiction to the
Bible's account of man's creation. 

1928 U.S. President Calvin Coolidge gave the Congressional Medal
of Honor to Charles Lindbergh for his first trans-Atlantic

1934 A fire destroyed Hakodate, Japan, killing about 1,500. 

1935 Incubator ambulance service began in Chicago, IL. 

1941 The last Italian post in East Libya, North Africa, fell to
the British. 

1945 During World War II, Allied bombers began four days of raids
over Germany, trashing many towns. 

1960 About 70 people were killed in Sharpeville, South Africa,
when police fired upon demonstrators. 

1963 Alcatraz Island, the federal penitentiary in San Francisco
Bay, CA, closed. 

1965 The U.S. launched Ranger 9. It was the last in a series of
unmanned lunar explorations. 

1965 More than 3,000 civil rights demonstrators led by the Rev.
Martin Luther King Jr. began a march from Selma to Montgomery,

1966 In New York, demolition work began to clear thirteen square
blocks for the construction of the original World Trade Center. 

1971 Two U.S. platoons in Vietnam refused their orders to

1972 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states could not require
one year of residency for voting eligibility. 

1974 In London, an attempt was made to kidnap Princess Anne on
the Mall. 

1980 U.S. President Jimmy Carter announced to the U.S. Olympic
Team that they would not participate in the 1980 Summer Games in
Moscow as a boycott against Soviet intervention in Afghanistan. 

1982 The United States, U.K. and other Western countries
condemned the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan. 

1984 A Soviet submarine crashed into the USS Kitty Hawk off the
coast of Japan. 

1985 Larry Flynt offered to sell his pornography empire for $26
million or "Hustler" magazine alone for $18 million. 

1985 Police in Langa, South Africa, opened fire on blacks
marching to mark the 25th anniversary of the Sharpeville
shootings. At least 21 demonstrators were killed. 

1989 Randall Dale Adams was released from a Texas prison after
his conviction was overturned. The documentary "The Thin Blue
Line" had challenged evidence of Adams' conviction for killing a
police officer. 

1990 Namibia became independent of South Africa. 

1991 The U.N. Security Council lifted the food embargo against

1994 Wayne Gretzky tied Gordie Howe's NHL record of 801 goals. 

1994 Bill Gates of Microsoft and Craig McCaw of McCaw Cellular
Communications announced a $9 billion plan that would send 840
satellites into orbit to relay information around the globe. 

1999 Israel's Supreme Court rejected the final effort to have
American Samuel Sheinbein returned to the U.S. to face murder
charges for killing Alfred Tello, Jr. Under a plea bargain
Sheinbein was sentenced to 24 years in prison. 

2000 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration had overstepped its regulatory authority when it
attempted to restrict the marketing of cigarettes to youngsters. 

2002 In Paris, an 1825 print by French inventor Joseph Nicephore
Niepce was sold for $443,220. The print, of a man leading a
horse, was the earliest recorded image taken by photographic

2016 It was reported that the Kepler space telescope had captured
the visible light of a "shock breakout" when the star KSN 2011a
exploded. It was the first time an exploding star's brilliant
flash shockwave had been captured. 

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