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Today is Monday, March 25

Today, March 25 in
1940 The U.S. agreed to give Britain and France 
access to all American warplanes. 
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The young ensign approached the crusty old chief and asked him about the origin of the commissioned officers insignias. "Well, Ensign, it's history and tradition. First, we give you a gold bar representing that you're valuable BUT malleable. The silver bar of a lieutenant junior grade represents value, but less malleable. When you make lieutenant, you're twice as valuable so we give you two silver bars. "As a captain, you soar over military masses, hence the eagle. As an admiral, you're obviously a star. That answer your question?" "Yes, Sir. But what about commanders and lieutenant commanders?" "Now that goes waaaaaay back in history. Back to the Garden of Eden even. You see, we've always covered our unmentionables with leaves. "
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Today March 25 in
0421 The city of Venice was founded. 

1306 Robert the Bruce was crowned king of Scotland. 

1409 The Council of Pisa opened. 

1634 Lord Baltimore founded the Catholic colony of Maryland. 

1655 Puritans jailed Governor Stone after a military victory
over Catholic forces in the colony of Maryland. 

1655 Christian Huygens discovered Titan. Titan is Saturn's
largest satellite. 

1669 Mount Etna in Sicily erupted destroying Nicolosi. 20,000
people were killed. 

1700 England, France and Netherlands ratify the 2nd
Extermination Treaty. 

1753 Voltaire left the court of Frederik II of Prussia. 

1774 English Parliament passed the Boston Port Bill. 

1776 The Continental Congress authorized a medal for General
George Washington. 

1802 France, Netherlands, Spain and England signed the Peace of

1807 The first railway passenger service began in England. 

1807 British Parliament abolished the slave trade. 

1813 The frigate USS Essex flew the first U.S. flag in battle in
the Pacific. 

1820 Greece freedom revolt against Ottoman 

1821 Greece gained independence from Turkey. 

1856 A. E. Burnside patented Burnside carbine. 

1857 Frederick Laggenheim took the first photo of a solar

1865 The SS General Lyon at Cape Hatteras caught fire and sank.
400 people were killed. 

1865 During the American Civil War, Confederate forces captured
Fort Stedman in Virginia. 

1879 Japan invaded the kingdom of Liuqiu (Ryukyu) Islands,
formerly a vassal of China. 

1895 Italian troops invaded Abyssinia (Ethiopia). 

1900 The U.S. Socialist Party was formed in Indianapolis. 

1901 55 people died when a Rock Island train derailed near
Marshalltown, IA. 

1901 The Mercedes was introduced by Daimler at the five-day
"Week of Nice" in Nice, France. 

1902 Irving W. Colburn patented the sheet glass drawing machine.

1902 In Russia, 567 students were found guilty of "political
disaffection." 95 students were exiled to Siberia. 

1905 Rebel battle flags that were captured during the American
Civil War were returned to the South. 

1905 Russia received Japan's terms for peace. 

1907 Nicaraguan troops took Tegucigalpa, the capital of

1909 In Russia, revolutionary Popova was arrested on 300 murder

1911 In New York City, 146 women were killed in fire at the
Triangle Shirtwaist Company in New York City. The owners of the
company were indicted on manslaughter charges because some of
the employees had been behind locked doors in the factory. The
owners were later acquitted and in 1914 they were ordered to pay
damages to each of the twenty-three families that had sued. 

1915 21 people died when a U.S. F-4 submarine sank off the
Hawaiian coast. 

1919 The Paris Peace Commission adopted a plan to protect
nations from the influx of foreign labor. 

1923 The British government granted Trans-Jordan autonomy. 

1931 Fifty people were killed in riots that broke out in India.
Gandhi was one of many people assaulted. 

1931 The Scottsboro Boys were arrested in Alabama. 

1940 The U.S. agreed to give Britain and France access to all
American warplanes. 

1941 Yugoslavia joined the Axis powers. 

1941 The first paprika mill was incorporated in Dollon, SC. 

1947 A coalmine explosion in Centralia, IL, killed 111 people. 

1947 John D. Rockefeller III presented a check for $8.5 million
to the United Nations for the purchase of land for the site of
the U.N. center. 

1953 The USS Missouri fired on targets at Kojo, North Korea. 

1954 RCA manufactured its first color TV set and began mass

1957 The European Economic Community was established with the
signing of the Treaty of Rome. 

1960 A guided missile was launched from a nuclear powered
submarine for the first time. 

1965 Martin Luther King Jr. led a group of 25,000 to the state
capital in Montgomery, AL. 

1970 The Concorde made its first supersonic flight. 

1972 Bobby Hull joined Gordie Howe to become only the second
National Hockey League player to score 600 career goals. 

1975 King Faisal of Saudi Arabia was shot to death by a nephew.
The nephew, with a history of mental illness, was beheaded the
following June. 

1981 The U.S. Embassy in San Salvador was damaged when gunmen
attacked using rocket propelled grenades and machine guns. 

1982 Wayne Gretzky became the first player in the NHL to score
200 points in a season. 

1983 The U.S. Congress passed legislation to rescue the U.S.
social security system from bankruptcy. 

1985 It was reported that a U.S. Army Major stationed in East
Germany had been shot and killed by a Soviet Border Guard. 

1986 U.S. President Ronald Reagan ordered emergency aid for the
Honduran army. U.S. helicopters took Honduran troops to the
Nicaraguan border. 

1990 A fire in Happy Land, an illegal New York City social club,
killed 87 people. 

1990 Estonia voted for independence from the Soviet Union. 

1991 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein launched a major counter-
offensive to recapture key towns from Kurds in northern Iraq. 

1992 Soviet cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev returned to Earth after
spending 10 months aboard the orbiting Mir space station. 

1993 President de Klerk admitted that South Africa had built six
nuclear bombs, but said that they had since been dismantled. 

1995 Boxer Mike Tyson was released from jail after serving 3

1996 An 81-day standoff by the antigovernment Freemen began at a
ranch near Jordan, MT. 

1998 A cancer patient was the first known to die under Oregon's
doctor-assisted suicide law. 

1998 The FCC nets $578.6 million at auction for licenses for new
wireless technology. 

1998 Quinn Pletcher was found guilty on charges of extortion. He
had threatened to kill Bill Gates unless he was paid $5

2004 The U.S. Senate voted (61-38) on the Unborn Victims of
Violence Act (H.R. 1997) to make it a separate crime to harm a
fetus during the commission of a violent federal crime.

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