Given the number of chain letters going around the net.. here's
one you can send back when you receive one. ...its over 20 years
old, and still going..

This is being sent to you for we know that you are
critically interested in your lawn.  This is a fertilizer
club, it will not cost you a cent to join.
Upon receipt of this letter, go to the first house on the
top of the list and poop on the lawn.  You will not be the
only one there so don't be embarrassed.
Then make five (5) copies of this letter, leaving out the
first name on the list and adding your own to the bottom.
Send these five copies to five of your friends who
appreciate a good lawn. You will not get any money or
checks.  But within one week if this chain is not broken,
there will be 9,125 people pooping on your lawn.
Your reward will come next summer when your lawn will be the
greenest lawn in the neighborhood.
                Mrs. Harry Butt
                236 Corn Cob Lane
                Mrs. Lucy Bowels
                29 Bedpan Lane
                Mrs. Smel E. B. Hind
                234 Dia Rea Way
                Mrs. C Howie Pharts
                276 Fertilizer Parkway
                Mr Orval Crap
                346 Enema Dr
                Mr. C. Bigger Movements
                U 2 Rectum Road
                Mrs. Took A Leak
                765 Running Loose Lane
  Very Truly Yours,
  Your Friendly Neighbor
  P.S.  If you are constipated pass this along to your neighbor.
    Do not break this chain. One man didn't give a poop and he lost
    his entire lawn.  Don't let this happen to you!

Adapted from a fax chain letter and converted to a web page
July 1994 by Dear Webby.

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