Dear Webby's Humor Letter
widely read, forwarded, copied and imitated daily since 1994
Dear Webby's Humor Letter, daily since 1994
Clean humor and tech tips, updated daily! The Dear Webby Humor Letter is still the best Humor Newsletter and is available in text, regular HTML, and large font HTML for vision impaired readers. The Dear Webby Humor newsletter is sent from a server that has a Listed Sender ID, proper SPF record, and matching forward and reverse DNS. It has an approved privacy policy and full contact information. The Dear Webby Humor Letter is strictly Double Opt-In and is not on any blacklist.

If you are not seeing your subscription newsletters,
check this information

The Humor letter jumps through ALL 20 Best Practises hoops:

  1. Listed Sender ID,
  2. Permanent IP address,
  3. Proper SPF record,
  4. Matching forward and reverse DNS,
  5. Approved privacy policy,
  6. Full contact information,
  7. Strictly Double Opt-In,
  8. Not on any blacklist,
  9. Uses an IP address that has never been used for spamming,
  10. Is family safe
  11. Has live, same day response to mail sent by hitting REPLY
  12. Has an on-line copy that is top listed at Google AND Bing
  13. Unsubscribe link at the bottom of every newsletter
  14. More than 10 year history of compliance to Best Practises
  15. Works OK with all standard mail services
  16. Does not have any attachments
  17. Does not burden email with embedded pictures or movies
  18. Calls pictures from a properly identified server with matching forward and reverse DNS and SPF record
  19. Does NOT send solo ads or ANY advertising mails to subscribers
  20. Is listed with the Ezinefinder (

There is nothing more that I or anyone can do.
It is up to you to have a reasonably standard and reliable address.

If you are subscribed with a Hotmail or MSN mail address, forget it.
Hotmail and MSN mail are not competent enough to reliably deliver your subscription.
You need a respectable and reliable address.
No matter what the Taliban at their support say,
you will NOT see your subscription reliably and consistently.

If you have a Yahoo address, then it depends on your version of Yahoo mail,
and apparently on the moon and the amount of traffic at Yahoo.
Sometimes you may get your subscription for almost a month, and
then nothing for a few months, then mysteriously, without you doing anything,
you will see your subscriptions again.

If you have a Gmail address, make a filter! Gmail has excellent spam
filtering, but sometimes it is a bit too aggressive. If it gets triggered by
me writing about how to remove certain malware, it will from then on
consider mails from me as bad. Just make a filter that marks mail
from in such a way, that it will never be put into the
spam folder. Gmail is very good and very reliable, and I highly recommend
Gmail, but you DO have to make filters for important mail.

The same applies to many other email services.
Find out how to whitelist with that program, and whitelist

People KNOW that you don't work past 5 PM, and that you probably left
early anyway.They don't expect an instant reply, especially not from you!
They are just queueing up mail for you to read, whenever you get around
to checking your mail.

So, please quit being a nuisance, and stop annoying clients and friends
with silly auto-responders!

It is even worse, when your silly sniveling about not being at work, is sent
to a program, that delivers your subscriptions.

Have FUN!

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