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What to do if you get an abusive,
threatening, harassing or forged postcard:

Simply write to
and paste the COMPLETE card pick-up notice into your mail.

You can also forward the card pick-up notice and just put your
comments on top.

With that info we can pull up the data and tell you or the police
all the details about who did what and when and how and with
what kind of computer. We can even tell what kind of browser
was used and what kinds of additional programs were loaded
at the time.

All that data is completely confidential and will never be released
to anybody except you and possibly the police department that
you had asked to contact us on your behalf.

Do NOT phone or fax us about card abuse!
There is no way we can verify that it is indeed you on that
phone or fax. Only email provides true verification.
If somebody writes with a forged address, they will never
get a reply, because the reply goes to the forged address.
Verification is as simple as that.

Law Enforcement:
Please don't waste time with subpoenas and similar rigamarole.
Just send us an email from your work address, not from your AOL
address at home.

If your email arrives before the postcard expires, we will cheerfully
cooperate with you, since we are on your side.

However, if you wasted time with subpoenas, warrants, etc., and
the card has in the meantime expired and been overwritten with new
cards, then there is no way we CAN help you.

If you do not have the original card pick-up notice but only a fax or
print of it, there is no need to re-typo the whole thing to email it.

Just look for a long link with a long number at the end.
It looks similar to this example:

Carefully type that line and triple check it to make sure it is absolutely
correct, or scan the print-out that you have, and attach the picture.
Once we have verified your legitimacey, you can even fax it to us.

If the card abuse goes across state or country lines, you CAN bump
the issue up to the FBI or Interpol, but you don't have to at this stage
of the investigation. We will gladly and cheerfully and instantly provide
you with all the information and you can then decide whether the matter
is a silly prank or a serious threat.

All data is completely confidential and treated as a serious matter.

Helmut Morscher
CEO of Webby, inc

Postal Address:
Webby, Inc.
Box 1447
Okotoks, AB T1S 1B4

or direct via Courier or mail:

Webby, Inc
14-900 Village Lane Suite 200
Okotoks, AB T1S 1Z6