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Domain Name Registrations and Set-Up

We perform the Domain Name Registration for you at no extra cost above the standard fee of $10 per year.

BRAINSTORMING: If you are a Webby or Posty or MyPostcards client you can get FREE, totally confidential consulting, and discuss your domain name ideas with DearWebby. He will help you to avoid wasting time and money on ineffective names, and to get you the best name possible for your business. Write to Once we have found a name that you like, we can instantly register it for you.

Info For Do-It-Yourself Registrations
  NIC IP Number
Name Server #1
Name Server #2
Name Server #3
Name Server Tech Contact
NOTE: Name server tech info is extremely important. If your local ISP based address changes, only your name server tech can update your address. Without that you can loose control of your domain name
Helmut Morscher
Box 646
Black Daimond, AB T0L 0H0
403 933 7890