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Hosting Move, to us or from us.

To change hosting, there is NO need to change registrars or domain owbership or to unlock the ownership.
If anybody tries to con you into believing, that you should change registrars or ownership or unlock the ownership,
report the attempted theft to the police immediately.
Police are welcome to contact us by email or phone 403 933 7890.
*Non-technical description of the hosting move process

To change hosting, all you do is send us the names of the name servers of the NEW web host.
a) If you are moving to us, those names are:

b) If you are moving from us to a different web host, email us the names of their name servers.
They will appear similar, but be slightly different. You don't need the IP numbers, we can look those up.

There is NO charge for a hosting move.
Simply request it in email and supply the names of the new name servers.

Time Frame:
We change the DNS (Internet Road Map) to point at your new location within one business hour of receipt of your request.

There is no delay on our side, but after the DNS has been changed, it may take 1 - 48 hours for your local ISP to update their "Internet Road Map".

*Non-technical description of the hosting move process
Permanent Ownership Block   Temporary Assignments block

The registration of Internet Real Estate consists of two parts:

  1. The LOCKED ownership part. This is like the Land Titles Office property registration of your home.
  2. The unlocked and editable service assignment part. This is like the heating fuel delivery contract, which you can change at any time without telling the Land Titles Office.
If a fuel delivery driver tells you, that you have to unlock the Land Titles property registration, so that he can move the registration to Nigeria and hold your Land Title for ransom, then you call the police.

The same applies with Internet Real Estate. If anybody, with ANY excuse whatsoever, tells you that you have to unlock the registration and allow them access to the ownership block, call the police. We will, of course, back you up 100%

Info For Do-It-Yourself Registrations
  NIC IP Number
Name Server #1
Name Server #2
Name Server #3
Name Server Tech Contact
Helmut Morscher
Box 646
Black Daimond, AB T0L 0H0
403 933 7890