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We use and have used toner and ink and ink cartridges from Atlantic Inkjet. com for over a dozen years and are very satisfied with their inks and their friendly support for all printers. If you need some printer ink, we can highly recommend them.

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This is the Mail Washer that I use and have used for almost 3 years. I have tested many others, but Mail Washer is still The Best spam control.
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Refund Policy

Shipped goods:

All shipped goods may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of
shipping, as long as they are in original condition and not used up or

Installed Software:

Software installed by us on your domain is eligible for a partial refund
within 30 days of installation. The installation / de-installation work,
which is 30% of the total cost of the software, is not refundable.

Rented / Leased Software or Service:

The unused portion of software rent / lease is refundable by calendar
month. If you, for example, leased PRO postcard service for a year and only
used the service for six months, then the remaining six months are eligible
for refund.

Consulting Service, Server Repair and Maintenance work:

If completed, Consulting Service, Server Repair and Maintenance work on
your servers is not eligible for refund. If the service is only scheduled
but not performed yet, it is eligible for a full refund.

Custom Software and Web Design:

Unfinished software development and web design are fully refundable. Stages
that have been completed and are already in use by a client are not
refundable. If the service is only scheduled but not performed yet, it is
eligible for a full refund.


Unused portions of advertising contracts are fully refundable. Already
published advertising is not refundable. Please allow 24 hours to cut off
any advertising campaign that involves advertising on multiple sites.


Donations are not refundable by their very nature. However, to prevent
charge-backs, if you can provide a good reason why you need a refund, we
can arrange a reverse donation to reimburse you.