Who is "Dear Webby" ?

Dear Webby
"Dear Webby" at work, even on vacation

Dear Webby's real name is Helmut Morscher. Dear Webby is the president and CEO of Webby, Inc, a high traffic web hosting and Internet marketing company. He is also the marketing director of Mypostcards, Inc, the worlds largest Internet Postcard service.

Dear Webby earned that nick-name during the years when he was a live on-line tech-supporter. Now he coordinates tech support crews and concentrates on marketing and consulting.

Favorite Quotes:
"Have FUN and the people will come!"

"Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching." (Plato)

Dear Webby also publishes the daily online Humor Letter since 1994. The Humor Letter is by free subscription in plain text or in HTML format. The HTML format also comes in a large font version for vision impaired people.

Dear Webby also includes a daily tech tip in the Humor Letter and answers web and computer related questions from subscribers.

Dear Webby's address is DearWebby@webby.com



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