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We use and have used toner and ink and ink cartridges from Atlantic Inkjet. com for over a dozen years and are very satisfied with their inks and their friendly support for all printers. If you need some printer ink, we can highly recommend them.

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This is the Mail Washer that I use and have used for almost 3 years. I have tested many others, but Mail Washer is still The Best spam control.
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Special UNIX consulting packages

Since 1995.

We can help you with:

  • 1. Server monitoring.
  • 2. Server intrusion detection and prevention.
  • 3. Server security enhancement.
  • 4. Backup and restore of server data.
  • 5. Server load balancing and performance tuning.
  • 6. Disk space cleaning.
  • 7. Cron tasks optimization.
  • 8. DNS support.
  • 9. Dedicated server support and troubleshooting.
  • 10. Server and website software fine tunning and optimization.
  • 11. Server and website software installation, customization and support.
  • 12. Safe software removal.
  • 13. Server and website software patching.
  • 14. Custom programming and scripting - C, C++, Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL, UNIX shell.
  • And many many more. Ask away!

Also available for our hosting clients:

  • Windows software consulting.
  • Linux software consulting.

Why work with us?

Many years in business, lots of satisfied and returning clients and what is most important - very friendly staff that talks to you in plain English (or German) instead of Net lingo and UNIX commands.

Order now.