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Software for Successful Web Sites

Webby Inc produces original and highly efficient web software. All of our software has been created from scratch based on our own market research and literally "by popular demand" - as a response to webmaster's needs and requirements. All of our software has been tested extensively on our own sites and on clients beta sites.

Software for: Forms | Postcards | Newsletters |

With our software you get:

  • Fully compiled programs, no PERL or other programming skills are required to use our software!
  • Professional installation is included in price.
  • YOU can fully customize output with simple HTML or text files.
  • All our programs are compiled and very easy on server resources.
  • For highest speed and lowest server load we use mostly ANSI C, with occasional C++ and server shell scripts for special routines.
  • Free tech support.

Our software is for UNIX and Linux servers ONLY, not for Windows. All of our software is fully compatible with STANDARD UNIX, SunOS/Solaris and all brands of BSD. LINUX support depends on the particular program and especially on the Linux OS build and machine set-up. Most standard flavors of Linux are supported, but check with us for details before ordering!


Since 1996.
Price: US$ 95

Universal form processor
  • Create as many forms as you want.
  • Output to databases and e-mail.
  • Includes an easy HTML uploader: Visitors can upload files by just using their browser. Bookkeepers can upload data to their accountant, artists can upload pictures, etc.
  • Response mails are individually configurable for each form with a plain text editor
  • Mails to form administrator are individually configurable for each form with a plain text editor. That mail can be for example the warehouse pick-list for an order and set up so that the warehouse can use it as a pre-written shipping confirmation mail by just hitting REPLY
  • Response mails can be used as intelligent auto-responders that embed data from the the form and prepared info from the server.
  • Different "Thank-You" pages can be made for each form with a regular HTML editor.
  • Downloadable data file on the server does not have to carry all fields from the form. You can choose to have some fields only used in the mail to the admin.
  • Data file column order can be changed with a plain text editor
  • Data file uses pipe delimited fields so that stray commas or quotes do not offset data columns
  • Data file can be imported into Excel or databases or edited with plain text editors
  • Web based admin console to quickly and easily set up and generate forms
  • Web based editor for editing mail templates and all the auxiliary files.
  • Global changes for groups of forms with simple toggle radio-buttons and checkmarks in the Admin section.
    For example, you can toggle "Mail to Admin" on temporarily for spot checking, or toggle it off for vacations.
  • Three destination mails "Admin", "Archive", "Sender" can be individually configured with separate templates
    For example "Admin" can go to your billing department and be a pre-written payment receipt, "Archive" can be a shipping list for the warehouse, and the "Sender" mail can be an order confirmation sent back to the submitter.
If you are in business, you NEED forms. With MagicForm you can set up all the forms you need. It is rock solid and safe. Version 1 is for manual set-up.
If you provide forms for your clients sites, then get Version 7.1 with automatic set-up and fancy admin console.

Dear Webby

Available for Webby Hosting clients only. Order now.


.MyPostCards Platinum

Since 1997.
Current version: 8 (Dream Weaver friendly!)
Price: US$ 995 for Standard UNIX or Linux).

The Platinum is the most advanced solution for multimedia virtual cardshops available on the market.
Standard features of the Platinum are:

  • Send Later: cards to be delivered at a later date
  • Multi-Send: the same card to many recipients
  • Rerminder Service: Get reminded of birthdays, anniversaries, etc
  • Address Book: Send cards by selecting addresses with a simple checkmark
  • Category configs: Web-based configs determine which templates and content locations are used by a category. Categories can be for seasons, topics, or even clients and affiliates. It is like having an unlimited number of EXPERT or PRO accounts!
  • Detailed Stats: Know instantly which postys are used the most and how often
  • Use Pictures, Applets or Flash
  • Use any music format
  • Email address extraction
  • Plug-ins available for shopping cart and other commercial interfaces

Details, demos and order info:

The Platinum is the posty software used by the big successful card sites and by companies that want friendlier tools than email to contact clients.
Dear Webby

.Magic List

Since 1996. Current version: 7.5.
Price: US$ 95.00.

Professional manager for distribution lists. Allows you to maintain multiple high-traffic lists (newsletters, e-zines, announcement services, NOT discussion lists).

  • Web-based control panel
  • Email address verification
  • Fully customizable format: HTML Newsletters or text.
  • Auto-send daily at pre-set times
  • Detailed stats including email traffic
  • Addresses import and export
  • Automatic bounced messages handling
  • See full list of features available

Available for Webby hosting clients or other dedicated server users. (Otherwise you would just get kicked off your server when your list grows to a profitable size). Order now.

Implementations: Dear Webby Humor Letter, Ophelia Dingbatter's News, Follow Your Dreams , Stonecarver and many many more.

Magic List Rental

starting $15/month

If your server doesn't allow the kind of traffic caused by a big and profitable list, we can rent you a sub-domain on a powerful UNIX machine and a MagicList on a monthly basis.

This is the software that I use every night to send out both versions of the Humor Letter. To see how well it works, try subscribing.
Dear Webby
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Domain Name registration:
Discuss your needs first, don't just register a name, that might not be good for you! Ask DearWebby first. That will save you a lot of money!

Software for your own postcard  site
Postcard Site
You too can easily have a postcard site for business or fun.

If you like the Dear Webby Daily Humor Letter, please vote for it at the Cumuli Ezine Finder:

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