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Magic List v.7.5

Since 1998. Current version: 7.5.
Price: US$ 399.

Professional manager for distribution lists. Allows you to maintain multiple high-traffic lists (newsletters, e-zines, announcement services, NOT discussion lists).

Supported OS - Sun Solaris, LINUX. Supported MTA - sendmail. Does not require POSTFIX, Python or any other additional software.


  1. Lists types
    • common (list of subscribers placed in common database)
    • common encrypted (common + e-mail address stored encrypted)
    • separate (list of subscribers placed in separate database)
    • separate encrypted (separate + e-mail address stored encrypted)
    • imported (list of subscribers placed in separate database)
  2. Subscribe modes
    • single opt-in
    • double opt-in (pre-subscribed e-mail addresses are encrypted)
  3. Delivery modes
    • on demand
    • everyday
    • local delivery (from server where Magic List running )
    • remote delivery (from another affiliated server with MagicList remote delivery sub-system running) based on ssh'ed remote procedure call
  4. Plug-ins
    • header plug-in
    • footer plug-in
    • un-subscribe info plug-in
    • auto subscribe (for collaboration with Platinum)
    • insert data plug-in
    • debouncer plug-in
    • custom plug-ins
    • POD plug-in (for collaboration with Platinum)
  5. List admin features
    • getting list of subscribers by e-mail
    • view delivery logs
    • getting delivery summaries by e-mail
    • turn on/off plug-ins
    • switching subscribe modes and (re-)setting double opt-in parameters
    • auto archiving issues
    • per list sendmail statistics
    • bounces management
    • ignore bounces
    • auto un-subscribe bounced e-mail addresses (by debouncer plug-in)
    • redirect bounces to list owner
  6. List issue content
    • plain text
    • HTML code
    • attachments
    • plain text + attachments
    • HTML code + attachments
  7. Can be used together with other Magic Software
    • Platinum v.5.X, v.6.X
    • Magic Form v.7.X
  8. May be used for
    • small, medium and large list delivery
    • any number of different lists simultaneous delivery
    • rental mailing list service
    • remotely hosted mailing list delivery


MagicList is used by our clients and ourselves to send appr. 2 millions emails monthly. The largest regular list so far has 150.000 subscribers. The largest one-time distribution performed included 750.000 addresses.

Actual delivery speed depends largely on issue size and content, server load, MTA configuration and server network connectivity. It runs on top of sendmail and generally is as fast as sendmail is.


As any Magic software MagicLIst has fully customizable output with editable HTML and email templates.


Once setup and customized MagicList could run without any human supervision. List admin requires zero knowledge of mail functionality and server administration.

We continue to support our clients after sale and provide free consulting on MagicList and troubleshooting for them.


Available for Webby hosting clients or other dedicated server users. (Otherwise you would just get kicked off your server when your list grows to a profitable size). Order now.

Implementations: Follow Your Dreams (with image attachments), MyPostcards News (150.000+ subscribers) , Stonecarver and many many more.

Magic List Rental

starting $15/month

If your server doesn't allow the kind of traffic caused by a big and profitable list, we can rent you a sub-domain on a powerful UNIX machine and a MagicList on a monthly basis. Order now.