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DearWebby is actually Helmut Morscher, the CEO of Webby, inc.

Originally the "Tech Support Pits" were reports of the funniest tech support incidents, but over the years the column gradually shifted to answering tech support questions put forward by the readers of the Dear Webby Humor Letter.

This collection of computer and web advice was started partly because readers demanded an archive, and partly because some questions were asked again and again. Each page has a different day's Tech Support Pits column.

Have FUN!
Tech Support Pits column from Dear Webby's Humor Letter of
02/27/04: Picture File Format

Tech Support Pits:
From Rob=== Dear Webby, Which picture file format is best for route maps for our orienteering club ? The master map stays the same, but the event maps change every week. Each individual group gets a map that has the only the trails that they have to take, whith all other trails blanked out. We make six maps per event and each group draws one of the six variations. That gives you an idea of how much the picture gets changed. Over the years it has become so frazzled that it is getting difficult to interprete and we have to keep drawing new master maps. Is there a picture file format that would be more suitable? Thanks Rob Dear Rob Don't use JPG for that, it degrades each time you save it. Use GIF. When you draw the master map, use solid color lines, not edged lines. Then cut a fine separation line next to each trail junction. Reduce the colors to 16 and save it as a GIF file. Write-protect that file so that it can not be overwritten and copied only. For each variation just take a copy off the master and use the flood fill tool to fill unused sections of the trail with the background color. It will hide the trail all the way to the next separation line at the next junction. GIF pictures don't have the same color depth as JPG, but they are usable on the web and they don't degrade. They also print and fax with sharp and clear edges on even the cheapest printers or fax machines. Have FUN! DearWebby
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