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DearWebby is actually Helmut Morscher, the CEO of Webby, inc.

Originally the "Tech Support Pits" were reports of the funniest tech support incidents, but over the years the column gradually shifted to answering tech support questions put forward by the readers of the Dear Webby Humor Letter.

This collection of computer and web advice was started partly because readers demanded an archive, and partly because some questions were asked again and again. Each page has a different day's Tech Support Pits column.

Have FUN!
Tech Support Pits column from Dear Webby's Humor Letter of
07/27/05: Web Business without HTML

Tech Support Pits:
From Eddie=== Dear Webby, .. Now is this a software that you have? And as I was browsing this HTML Free Course I notice that there was alot of information with HTML Course. Now isn't there an easier way to have "MY WEBSITE" made with just a link .......... ( Like www.eddie' ) without having to type in all of this info and with the < ---- > the "Hyper Text Mark-up Language!" You know something simple without the major work of typing all of this HTML info! And once I ( or they! ) get onto "My Website" they can see all of the advertising that I have placed onto this Website! Thanks Again..... Eddie Dear Eddie Re HTML, without it you are a carpenter without a hammer. Sure, you can squish around some stuff with FrontPage, but you are really limiting yourself. Even if you use FrontPage for your pages, you should learn the basics of HTML. That includes uploading files to your site, or editing the name and address in a ready-made page. There ARE great businesses available, but there is no free lunch. 1) Learn the basics about HTML and pages. 2) Set up your banking, so that you can accept income 3) Customize your pages and follow the instructions for uploading your business pages, 4) Get traffic to your page. There is NO way around those simple rules. What you see here condensed to just 4 steps, is available in business courses that cost upwards of $1200. Go ahead and buy some of those courses. Or attend a $5000 seminar. By the time you throw away the fluff and the filler and the hype, they will all come down to my four steps. Even if you get some kid to do your pages, you still need to know the basics about them. You don't need to become a great web designer, but you need to know the basics about pages, so that you know what you are talking about when you contract somebody to do your pages. Have FUN! Dear Webby
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