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DearWebby is actually Helmut Morscher, the CEO of Webby, inc.

Originally the "Tech Support Pits" were reports of the funniest tech support incidents, but over the years the column gradually shifted to answering tech support questions put forward by the readers of the Dear Webby Humor Letter.

This collection of computer and web advice was started partly because readers demanded an archive, and partly because some questions were asked again and again. Each page has a different day's Tech Support Pits column.

Have FUN!
Tech Support Pits column from Dear Webby's Humor Letter of
08/01/04: Connection dropping every night at 1

Tech Support Pits:
From Raoul=== Dear Webby, My Internet connction drops out every night at 1:05 am, accurate within a few seconds. I do have a security system that does a line check every hour, but that is on a different line, and would be every hour. This problem is only once a day. Is that a wire-tap? What should I be checking ? Raoul Dear Raoul Most likely that is your gas meter reporting the day's usage to the gas company. Just call the gas company and ask them to move the connection from the meter away from the modem line and onto the voice line. It might take them a few days to get around to it, but they usually don't charge for it. It's easy enough to do, but they also have to type in the change on their end. Just moving the wires alone won't do the trick. The transaction starts from their end by momentarily shorting that line and knocking anything that is in progress off, then waking up the meter and polling the readings. After that they hang up and return the line to you. If you are in a really rural area and they don't want to come out there without getting paid for it, ask them to just move the polling time to for example 5 am or some time when you don't need to be connected. They can do that by simply punching in a new time, without even having to get up from their chair. Have FUN Dear Webby
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