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DearWebby is actually Helmut Morscher, the CEO of Webby, inc.

Originally the "Tech Support Pits" were reports of the funniest tech support incidents, but over the years the column gradually shifted to answering tech support questions put forward by the readers of the Dear Webby Humor Letter.

This collection of computer and web advice was started partly because readers demanded an archive, and partly because some questions were asked again and again. Each page has a different day's Tech Support Pits column.

Have FUN!
Tech Support Pits column from Dear Webby's Humor Letter of
09/07/04: Printing Directory List

Tech Support Pits:
From Bonnie=== Dear Webby, Is there any way in the world to print a copy of the list of items in a given file folder, specifically, My Shared Folder, which in my case is the list of songs on my hard drive? It would be so much easier to manage that file, i.e., making CDs, if I had hard copy in my hands. I can't find anything any way I try to accomplish this. Thanks much! Love the daily dose of wonderful humor! Bonnie Dear Bonnie The easiest way to do that is to use the DOS command line. No need to be scared. The command line simply puts YOU in command, and lets you be just as bossy on the computer as you are around the house. To get to the command line, click START, RUN, and type cmd If your pictures are in c:\pix\04\summer, then to Change to that Directory type at the command line: cd c:\pix\04\summer (Always a space between a command and a parameter) As soon as you hit Enter, the command prompt will read: c:\pix\04\summer> Now, what you want is a DIRectory listing, but you are ready to bet that there are many ways of doing that. So you type dir /? It will show you all the options. Depending on what you want, choose that option. If you for example want the files Ordered by Extension (file type), then use dir /O:E c:\pix\04\summer bmp files will be first, zip files will be last. OK, so far all this fancy action is still only on the screen, but you want to > send it to a file and name that file pixlist.txt. For that you type dir /O:E c:\pix\04\summer > pixlist.txt Now you can open pixlist.txt with Quattro, Excel, Lotus, any spreadsheet or word processor. In that you can mess with it any way you want, paginate it, write comments, etc. And print it. What I wrote here is just a tiny glimpse of what you can do at the command line. You can do thousands of different things, like copying to different directories, drives, even different machines on a network, move, rename, use wildcards, etc. And best of all, you can list a whole BATch of commands in a BAT file that you can make a shortcut icon to. For now though, play with dir /O:E c:\pix\04\summer > pixlist.txt and get comfortable with the command line. More news from planet DOS tomorrow. Have FUN! DearWebby
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