Who Is "Dear Webby"

In the early 90's I used to get occasional mail asking :
"Dear Webby,
who is 'DearWebby' ?"

However, since about 1995 people got used to me,
especially the tens of thousands of subscribers
to my newsletters.

Yes, I am the real and original Dear Webby
and the CEO of Webby, inc, Webby.com,
MyPostcards.com and various other sites.

In my spare time I am the author and publisher
of the Dear Webby's Daily Humor Letter.
I have published it since since 1994,
when I coined my slogan:

Have FUN and the people will come!

I will just answer some of the most frequent personal
questions here, one at a time.

Dear Webby,
are you the same 'Dear Webby' as the one who sometimes
answers tech support questions for MyPostcards.com?

Yes, I am. Mypostcards.com is a subsidiary of Webby, inc
and by participating in the tech support, I keep in touch
with the users and know what they want.

Dear Webby,
How many postcard site clients do you have?

Currently about 50,000, but we are not stopping there.

Dear Webby,
where do you live?

On the Internet, it seems. I travel a fair bit and telecommute.
My office is wherever I plug in and connect. The 'home office'
is in Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada, but most of our people
are spread all over the world and telecommute from their

Dear Webby  in 2004

Dear Webby,
why do you publish four versions of the 'Dear Webby's Daily
Humor Letter' ? Isn't that a lot of extra work ?

The "regular" version is normal HTML. You receive it like a web
page in your mail.

The "Text" version is plain text and is used by
people who can not receive HTML mail, or who include it in their
own newsletters or web pages, and talks show hosts with text

The Large Font version is HTML based and is for people with
vision challenges.

The on-line version of the Dear Webby Daily Humor Letter is
for people who are not allowed to have a subscription to it on their
work computer, because their boss is worried they might steal his
thunder and not laugh at his jokes.

The Blog at http://webby.com/humor/blog acts as an archive of
recent Humor Letters, in case your ISP misinterpreted some
computer term and censored your subscription. The blog also
gives you a chance to post comments.

Since the jokes and the tech tips are the same on all versions,
it's not much extra work to prepare four versions.

Dear Webby,
what do you use to send the Dear Webby Humor Letter out?

I use a MagicList to send it. It is reliable and predictable and
easy to use. With it I can fire off as many diferent lists as I want.

Dear Webby,
do you do support for the Webby.com web hosting too?

Actually, I am the CEO, but I do help out with the tech support,
so that I know what people want.

Dear Webby,
how long have you been doing tech support?

Since the days of the IBM PC. Before the Internet I was a
mobile troubleshooter and often got more speeding tickets
than paychecks.

Dear Webby,
what do you do with all the addresses of the subscribers?

The addresses are hidden on the server and accessible only
to the MagicList. They are not used for anything else. We are
very strict with our Privacy Policy. There is a short version of
the Privacy Policy on the Dear Webby Humor letter subscription

Dear Webby,
Is there a separate address to write to you depending on
whether it is about the Dear Webby humor letter or a tech issue?

It's the same address: DearWebby@webby.com

Dear Webby,
since you used the same address for almost ten years, you must
be on every address CD, that the spammers sell to each other.
How do you deal with spam ?

For spam control I use the MailWasher, and I highly recommend it.

Dear Webby,
lately there have been a number of people using your name.
Are they franchisers or just copycats ?

They are just copycats and imitators.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I do feel flattered indeed.

Have FUN!
Updated September 1995,
pictures are newer, since they are pulled from updated image bins.